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  1. Those are very nice Tango! B) Let me know if they are for sale! Will save me a hell of a lot of time ! ;)
  2. Nice job, I'm inspired to do mine now. :winky: My car is Cadoxton Slate, but am thinking to go black on the calipers also, following your method. Maybe chrome on the decals. My wheels are the Baransu type, It's got to look better than they do now, as they are getting quite rusty. How far did you paint around the calipers? Also did you stick any decals on the back calipers? Am thinking of maybe doing the hubs too, again in black....
  3. 172 was my best, with an average of 190! DOH!
  4. Congrats on the time! That looks great fun, how do you get involved doing something like that?! Would love to be involved with some form of motorsport in the future once I have some spare time from work and the family etc etc.
  5. You can join my clan now! :
  6. True, have felt a bit disappointed, no where near as good as the old classics, the two writers (Rob Grant and Doug Naylor) have had a bust up and no longer write togther, only one of them is writing for these, so you're only get 50% of the original team!
  7. Man, sorry to hear the :tsktsk: news! I think you did the right thing for what it's worth, but I unfotunately doubt the police will do anything! I despair at the youth of today, what is lacking in thier lives to have to resort to such stupid behaviour?!
  8. Me too, so looking forward to it, it's also followed by 3 of the best episodes straight after: Gunmen of the Apocalypse. Series 6, episode 3. Quarantine. Series 5, episode 4. Tikka to Ride. Series 7, episode 1.
  9. New episode on tonight on Dave 9pm - don't foget!!! :winky:
  10. lol! I thought it was serious, like it!
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