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  1. i thought i had seen this car before. i am sure it was first sold from where i work at lexus leicester. the reg rang a bell lol. this is the best colour to go for :)
  2. on your question about the tte exhaust. you will be lucky to find 1 these days as stopped selling them. i was lucky to come across a brandnew 1 on ebay never used and got it for 80 pound for the back box i was a very happppppy boy :)
  3. i dont think there is any sideskirts left in stock at the factory as i think i had the last set as only 1 left came up when my boss put the order in for me :)
  4. you have something wrong with the wiring of the new double din. i had this problem 1 night when eveything stayed on once i had turned my key to off and took it out. turned out to be a wire that had come out and touched another bit which kept the power there.
  5. well i now have a 1000/1 ready for tomorrow got to fit it tomorrow morning. wonder what its going to sound like. might need to have a play tomorrow with it redz :)
  6. i am up for the number 2 dial but do they do them for the later spec dials as they are the old style 1s. shame they dont have tte on any of them :(
  7. yeah i will come to this. send me your number over pm mate :)
  8. both looking good in that pic i must say. but on the service note. it should be serviced every year or 10k over here i think
  9. yes it is. i have have a se and just had all the back windows swopped for the tinted 1s out a is300 :). got them for 50 pound and cost 50 pound to have the rear window on mine took out and new 1 fitted :)
  10. well i must say people wow i really like it :). we have 1 at work in the showroom along side the new rx450h. i walked in the showrooom after being out on the roads all day to see a white is250 front then the more i walked in the more i seen and wooooop wooooop its here at last lol. then when i walked out the back door there was 1 was on the demo line up :). i have no idea how long we have them for as we have a special weekend for the rx450h. but its at lexus leicester if any 1 wants a sneak peak at it :)
  11. i have had it sometimes that mine would not lock. The remote works at certain frequences that also some electrical stuff works at. like if i take a new is250 to 1 of my mates house it kills his wireless internet. just keep a eye on it. or try replacing the battery in the key if it has not been changed for a while :)
  12. i have done the roof trimming aswell done it straight away after i had sat in a isf as that has a black roof. this is really easy to do and just takes time. dont rush it and you will do just fine :). try finding the best spray mount glue you can get as some are no good after a certain temp and well your new black roof lining will start to drop down in the sun :(. i have found this out. i ran out of spray glue so went to a different shop to buy some and well it was not as good :(. so got to take mine bk out to do the bk. i started from the front first on mine to get the worst bit out the way first lol. the a/b/c posts are really easy to do. about 20mins on each 1. i have also do my parcel shelf in it tooooo :).
  13. that is 1 cheap supercharger kit. sure would not cost much to get the other bits. shame i have just spent alot of money already :(
  14. stav... wish i had that kind of money for a charger. bit more saving to do for that lol. will be last thing i buy for my car just to finish it of :). Rob... yeah it does go well :). must be cause its well worn in ;). yeah the convoy down will be good laugh. but no racing ;-). cars will be al clean and dont want any fly kill all over it. only just removed the last lot. poor little things. now now rob you have a nice lady at home with you ;-). sure there will be plenty of nice women at the show for us to look at. i was talking at work about why dont we as a dealership never go to the big jap shows. i might bring it up in the meeting on friday about doing some and think i would have to put my name forward for taking the is f if we did do it :)
  15. yeah she was a beauty and that ***** in them jeans. think we need to go buy something else ;-) lol
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