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  1. Nedsram, I have the same car as you (what a fantastic drive !) and I have the features you say you are misssing. I'm overseas at the moment so cannot check exactly whether this is right but I do know that there is a soft button on the reversing screen (bottom left if I remember correctly) that toggles through I think 4 options for which lines show when you select reverse. Bob G
  2. Yea, I've got a red 450h SE-L, and I think they look stunning - especially with a good polish. I've seen several others in different colours and I'm really glad I chose red. Also the wood pack really finishes it off nicely
  3. Malc AFAIK adding camera info to the satnav is not possible as it reads all the data from a DVD, not RAM. Re consumption I have a 450h SE-L and average about 32. Shorter or heavy right foot trips are less, but cruising using the ACC I get a lot more, so overall I reckon I get about 32. And I know what you mean about grinning when you drive - it's a stunning car !! Bob G
  4. I bought an '07 GS450-h SE-L, 25k miles with wood pack, about 6 months ago, from Lexus Coventry. It's in metallic Mesa Red with the light colour leather and looks absolutely superb when the sun catches it. I paid 31k but consider that fair because the car was in a superb almost new condition - it even still smelt new. For me two major plus points of the car are the adaptive cruise control (this is stunningly good) and the acceleration (when you put your foot down and you get both motors kicking in it feels like a rocket lift off). I took it down the Fosse Way a few weeks ago, a road notorious for lack of places to pass, and found that I could easily just zip past other cars that in any other car I would never have even dared to attempt. It's a very different car to any I have driven before, and I agree with the earlier comments about reduced headroom and small boot, but all in all I'm a happy bunny (and even better - my wife loves it also !) BTW Lexus Coventry offer superb service.
  5. Superb ! I'm so happy for you. Have you discussed a Lexus related name with the proud mother yet ?
  6. I was told this by my local Lexus Sales Manager more than 2 months ago, prior to the financial meltdown. He said that the background reason is that too many dealers are selling the cars at discounted prices and that as a result Lexus vehicles are losing their 'exclusive' status, compared with BMW and Mercedes, so supply would be reduced to try to restore their status. Don't know how true this is - just repeating what I was told
  7. Pity. Looks just like the GS inside, and has the advantage of FWD. Radio has AUX in too! Guys, I live in Dubai and the ES is as common as muck here and often used as a taxi. I agree it's a heavily rebadged Camry and IMHO it's of inadequate quality to represent the Lexus brand quality. Frankly I think the Camry is a better looking car ! Bob G
  8. NicNac, I recently (July) purchased an 07 fully specced superb condition 450h SE-L for just less than 31k. It's a beautiful car with stunning acceleration and in my view worth every penny ! Bob G
  9. As an addendum to the last point, and for the avoidance of doubt, my first rejected purchase of the GS450h (a stunning car !) was not from a local Lexus dealership. My local dealers (Lexus Coventry) have exceeded my expectations for service quality, and I now have a 450h that is a dream to own. Bob G
  10. Guys, I very recently purchased a GS450h which was a "bad 'un". I managed to get my money back (with legal assistance) through the car 'not being of merchantable quality'. Note that the Lexus 30 day / 1000 mile offer is not a cash back deal - it is clear in the Terms and Conditions that if you exercise this option you have to buy another car from the same dealer for the same or a higher price. I chose the full refund path because I had lost complete faith in the dealership and did not wish to deal with them again. By all means try and get another car, or cash back, but be careful of what you may lock yourself into if you take the "No Quibble" option route.
  11. nicnac, I just bought a 2007 '07' 450h SE-L, and agree almost completely with Keith. And yes, the performance is absolutely stunning. Mine is Mesa red, beige leither and the woodpack, and I think it's a great colour combination. The wood in the steering wheel really adds a dash of elegance. My difference with Keith is that I also have another nice car, but since I've had the Lexus it's the other car that gets left at home !
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