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  1. As your car picks up speed, your radiator will receive more air. Could the cooling be causing the temperature drop under heavy acceleration??
  2. Is220D Power Steering Issues

    Has your car had the recall work on the steering? I had mine recalled in late 2007 to fix the steering rack. Like you I had many problems, and after owning one for over six years got rid of it. I wonder whether the steering issue is linked to the power steering failure.
  3. Intermitent Blue Smoke

    You don't mention any history of any previous work done. Last year I had a new engine put in free by Lexus. The new engine has modified components including piston rings. I suspect that you are burning oil? Mine gave off blue smoke on hard acceleration, consumed oil, and finally blew the head gasket! Do you see radiator fluid around the engine bay? I am not sure whether Lexus are doing any free work on these cars anymore or reduced the warranty period. My worry for you is that the catalytic converter could also get damaged with oil contamination and that is expensive with all the DPF etc. I suggest you get it looked into, these are well known problems with this car.
  4. Hi Carl, spoke to your mechanic and learned that the problem is associated with a part near the slave cylinder. There is a rubber sleeve which needs to be pushed back before spraying lubricant. Spay only the end away from the clutch plate. Details are a little hazy as I have no way of going under the car to inspect and give any further information. He said that you can see the part move when the clutch pedal is pushed. The type of squeak depends on humidity, temperature etc. Took the car to the local mechanic, and he said that at the next service he will get it sorted. So for the time being it is not the clutch and the DMF. Saves me a fortune!! Thanks to all of you out there who keep us informed.
  5. Got the same issue with my clutch. Squeaks each time I put my foot down to change. I was told to change the clutch and flywheel. Crazy price so I did not bother. I also do not have any problems changing gears, except it can sometimes judder pulling away in first after driving around in town. I would like mine done, and would appreciate which bit needed greasing. The link above from Chris seems to refer to another part, "the operating arm that drives into a so called cup to operate the clutch". Was it the same part? Your help will be greatly appreciated. The noise is driving me mad when I have the windows down!! Thanks.
  6. White Smoke Intermittent

    Hi Steve, I agree with Chris that the symptoms can be a little subtle initially with the issues related to the head gasket on the Lexus 220 diesels. If you have not seen what Chris has described, I am sure that you will see the pink engine coolant sprayed around the engine bay. The coolant is pushed put due to leaking gases which can be tested. The IS 220d are prone to head gasket failure, and I think in your case the white smoke could due to low cylinder compression arising from to leaking valves, piston ring sticking, or o-ring wear. I am certain that your egr valve is also fully corked up too! Thre are lots of other members reporting similar issues under egr, dpf, and head gasket etc. I suggest you get your car to Lexus, and provided you have some service history, you could get get this repaired under their extended warranty which is 7 year/ 110 k or so miles. I had mine done last year, new engine (most of it), now feels like a new car even if it is 7yrs old!! Let us know how you get on.
  7. Hi, I know it has been a little while since you asked how to reset the warning light. It is definitely in the big instruction manual that came with The car. This is how I did it when I was late for my service and the light came on. Hold down the trip odometer stick and press the start button twice until all the instrument panel lights come on (note: do not press the clutch or the brake pedal when you press the start button, otherwise the engine will fire). Keep the trip odometer stick pressed in until you see some flashes on the trip odometer, and the warning light disappear.
  8. Exhaust Manifold Rust

    Although you bought it in April 2013, it must have been manufactured a little while back. Mine is a 7 year old IS 220d SEL and it is corroded to the same extent now.
  9. New Engine More Problems!

    Thanks for your reply. I have done 13000 miles since last July. It has settled down, it is very smooth and quieter. Totally different characteristics to the old engine, more power, and I can also use the 6th gear at 70 mph. I did have to top up the oil a few weeks after the new engine was installed, since then it has not consumed any oil. It's seven years old and still drives like new! Really enjoy driving it.
  10. A number of us are experiencing some issues relating to the engine on our 220d, such blocked egrs, fouling of the injectors, CAT/DPF problems, power loss/judders, smoke etc.. . While searching for an engine/egr/injector... cleaning product I came across; Worth checking out the videos on the above link, it shows how the cleaning is done and has testimonials. I also attach the honestjohn link Hope it helps. Your feedback will be useful to others. I will get one done sometime in the future, had a new engine under warranty 10k ago because of the head gasket! Don't need a full clean yet.
  11. Black Smoke

    Go to It gives the reasons for black, white and blue smoke. Hope it helps
  12. Abs Light And Vsc Light

    Abs should be linked to the vehicle stability control. One or more of your abs sensor is malfunctioning. It usually starts off being intermittent then the magnetic sensor fails permanently. The car's computer will have recorded, needs plugging in to diagnostic kit. Connector above the pedals behind the plastic cover.
  13. Coolent Loss Is220D

    This is a tricky one. Lexus initially carried out the repair to the head gasket and gave a one year warranty, but soon found out that it was failing again. So they have now started replacing the engine which has been re-engineered. Is it more than a year since the repair at 65k? You really have to point out that this is not normal for the head gasket to fail after covering just 26k!
  14. Engine Coolant 220D

    Please read other posts relating to head gasket and new engine. Take your car to a Lexus dealer and provided you have some Lexus service history, your engine will be replaced as your car is still under 7 years old and has done less than 110k. I had it done at Lexus Bracknel, but they closed and moved to Reading. The service manager is Mark, and he knows how to deal with this problem.
  15. I had a new engine put in by Lexus at 70k in July and since then have done 6000 miles in my 2006, 220d. Recently, looking in my rear view mirror I noticed smoke which was very visible in the headlights of the car behind me. I then checked my oil level and found that it needed to be topped up by 750 ml. I had a new engine because the head gasket went, it was spraying coolant and also consuming oil. At the time when the engine was replaced EGR was cleaned along with the DPF. The engine is still under warranty till July 2013. I phoned Lexus and was told that this was not normal. I was asked to top it up and monitor it. Is anyone out there who has had a new engine experiencing similar issues?