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  1. Hi all. It´s been a while since I posted. For about a year and a half I swapped from IS 220d Sport to a RX 400h Executive (fully equipped with all extras) 2006 - Imported from the US by the previous (1 only) owner. I have had absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. I just got me 4 new tyres - Pirelli Scorpion Verde 225/55/R18 and I must say they are practically made for this kind of car. Very quiet/comfortable and supposed to reduce fuel consumption by 5%? I will keep a close look and report back here my findings.
  2. Well I live in the north of Sweden, not far from the arctic circle, and the RX 400h behaves very well here in the winter. In fact that was one of the main reasons for getting one in the first place. The fuelconsumption rises a bit that´s the only negative I can come up with... :)
  3. My satnav now shows distance etc in metric (navigation only) but temperature in Fahrenheit. Odometer in miles and fuelconsumption in US miles/gallon - that can´t be changed the dealer told me, or rather they had no clue. Looks like yours is the same as mine except for the temperature? Who fixed that one and how did they do it? Thanx
  4. I have a RX400h Executive imported from the US. The previous owner here in Sweden converted the sat-nav to an european one (I have been told it was very expensive). Lexusdealer here replaced the radio to european standard and put in an Ipod Interface in the glove compartment at no extra cost. But fact is - even though the sat-nav is fully replaced, fuel consumption, distance travelled, temperature etc are still in US miles/gallon. Lexus here say they don´t know why. Well I´m used to it now, I have learned what Fahrenheit is to Celsius and what the average fuelconsuption 24 US Miles/gallon is. I got it for a very good price and love the car :D Good Luck
  5. I just got one. Traded in my IS 220d sport for a white RX 400h exec with sunroof. I´m swedish so I guess the price I got (a very good deal IMO) is not compareable. So I will trade from the IS forum above to this one.
  6. I would say probably yes. It all depends on the price...I liked my IS 220d very much in all aspects. The fuelconsumption was no big deal for me. I pick my cars mostly based on looks, comfort and reliability. My IS had all those. I just now sold it - or rather traded it for a RX 400h, but that was because we simply needed more space. It became very obvious during our summer roadtrip around Europe. I will miss it - driving a SUV is very different.
  7. I think it's time some people got over the grumbles and started to enjoy the 2000 other things the car does better than any other manufacturer at the price! Brian Thanx Brian, I could not agree more. This 220d Sport is my 3rd Lexus (previous was IS 200 and IS 300 SC). I have had this 220d for nearly 2 years now, just got back from a trip to Florence (5500 km trip) and as always I just love the car. Ok I have the occasional dashboard noise, the back seats can´t be folded and I am not too happy about the fuelconsumption (0.73 in average for this particular trip). But so what? Besides that there are so many things I do enjoy. I am however about to get an RX instead, I just need more space and also 4WD would be nice as I live in the north of Sweden. I will miss the car for sure as I sometimed miss my IS 300. /jalfa
  8. No that´s news to me. Never had or heard of this before. Perhaps someone else? Sometimes I can miss pressing the clutch all the way down when starting but that´s not probably the issue is it?
  9. Well what do you think? Not for Europe - only Japan and the US. Lexus 250 h
  10. I have had mine IS 220 d Sport since feb. Now + 40 000 km later and I´m happier then ever with it. No problem whatsoever except a crack in the window. Even the mpg is getting better and better. When it was new it was around 0.8 l/10km now I get 0.67 and sometimes even as low as 0.63 l/10 km even though it´s winter with winter tyres. I drive every Monday morning some 300 km to work and back home Thursday. 100 % motorway. Weekends I drive mostly in town. It´s quiet and comfortable. I have no problems with gear ratios or 6th gear. I don´t need a big boot and the rear seats are ok for my kids. It´s still a stunning look and I get happy everytime by just looking at it :D I will get another Lex in 2 years no doubt about it. Maybe a larger car as the kids will grow, perhaps a GS or RX. /jalfa
  11. The article is in Swedish - but the pics are nice :) Pics here
  12. I have Rayzer in my car. I live in a country where it is dark 24/7 wintertime - I drive 300 km to work every monday and and 300 km back thursday afternoon. I need good visibility to stay clear of animals... check it out.
  13. I tested the IS F for about 45 min Friday afternoon. :D Well what can I say - words don´t describe it good enough. If you ever get a chance to test it - do it. In town very civil and easy to drive, comfortable and with a low potent hint of a roar every time you touch the throttle... and then off to the motorway - first slow and legal to check if there was any policemen around - then on the way back :D a wild beast unleashed. I trembled for hours after I turned the car back... /jalfa
  14. I drove it yesterday for about 45 min - both in town (like a tame cat, very smooth, np at all) and then on the notorway (like a wild beast unleashed). It´s the best car I ever tried by far. The sound, the torque, the handling and still as comfortaböe as any IS. Absolutely awsome.
  15. I have a Sony U93T and I like everything about it. Very easy to use and comprehend. The mounting on the dashboard is better then you might think. Check it out.
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