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  1. They arrived today and are now fitted. They look pretty sweet. I cant wait till it gets dark to really check them out!
  2. Lol Yer did notice that after post! So I emailed him. He gave me more of the same bull! I really am grateful for the posts!
  3. Nice one Wozza. Think I'll go for them then. No probs with MOT I take it?
  4. Thanks for your reply! I have actually looked at those items and I selected my two choices for the reason that the slim ballasts look like a good idea. Plus, I like the idea of purchasing a branded item, as I have heard a few horror storys about some of the cheaper imported ones, and I don’t really want to be the guinea pig! Guess I am really looking for someone to point me to a set that they use and are happy with.
  5. I could really do with a little help choosing an HID upgrade. It seems the more I read about them the more confusing it gets! Can anyone recommend a good set? I am prepared to pay up to £130. I have attached a couple of links below of items I found on Ebay. They look pretty good to me, but I could really do with a second opinion. Thanks very much for your help. Item number: 140229000996 Item Number: 180235922189
  6. Can anyone recommend a good strut brace for my IS 200 sport; that does not completely break the bank? Ebay bargains are welcome if any of you have managed to find any. :winky:
  7. Looks kosher to me. So much so that I’ve just ordered a box!
  8. I have a 2001 IS sport. I do like a bit of a challenge but this is beginning to sound like a complete test!!!
  9. Does any one know how to fit a Lexus IS200 Sat Nav into a non Navagator IS200. I’m guessing that this will be an extremely tricky job as it will not have all the correct wiring.
  10. I am the one whos selling it. Will have few kits available for the map, rear roof and boot light soon. I am Definitely interested in the map, rear roof and boot light kits, please let me know when you have some available.
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