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  1. Hi I was looking in my shed today and found a set of roof racks i cant remeber how much i paid for these from the dealer a few years back. A friend said place on ebay are they safe website never used and how much is a fair price for them thanks guys
  2. Hi My car was a total right off last year and totally forgot i had a set of roof rails that i bought from lexus garage in Glasgow 2008.. Anyone got ideas where the best place to sell them and how much should i ask for them....
  3. Hi guys put the car for mot on wednesday failed because: 1) Brakes calibartion problem only 33% seemed fine to me 2) Cracked windscreen ( Hopefully i will get a new one fitted over weekend ) Picked up a brake seal service kit from Glasgow Lexus... My mate garage spent nearly 3 hours each side .. Brakes are really sharp now fingers crossed it should pass
  4. Hi ya i have had my Lexus for nearly a year its been a great car. I was going to get my car serviced soon and i was wondering how often does the powersteering fluid need changed. Also do many people change the gear box oil or best just to leave alone....
  5. Hi ya i was looking at buying new tyres i was wanting know how important is the folling... v or w speeding rating.... Higher the speed better the tyre load index is this important 87 against 91 I dont have a clue just want some simple advise
  6. Hi guys, Has anyone bought DIAMOND BACK tyres or KENDA tyres.... Quite cheap off ebay... Just wondering if anyone has bought them before.. Would they recomend them
  7. Hi i was just washing my car and noticed the back brake discs are SLIGHTLY rusty looking, My neighbour has a 55 plate bmw and he is on 3rd one that i know of and ge says that it happens quite alot to all his bmw that he has had in the past........This is what he told me to do But mate thinks no. As it could warp the discs Spray wb40 go for a drive and 4 or 5 times over a 5 mins drive apply the handbrake slowly and then release while driving.... Anyone else beleif in this... Done want to do it only when the pads and discs are all new only 6 momths old
  8. Hi i read some where if you change the timing belt you need to change the coolant.... What i WANT to know can it be done without changing the coolant... My car was in 8 months ago and i got it one by my local garage but I dont think he changed the coolant.... Thanks
  9. Hi guys i posted a new topic yesterday about size of rims i should go for 17 and 18..... well my mind is made up 18 inch is the ones.... I need to know to questions... 1) What does off set mean 2) What is the right off set for my lexus is 200
  10. Hi ya guys been looking at alloy whels packages as my standard wheels are totally ******** need powdered coated plus i need 4 new tyres.... Some good deals out there right now but dont know what will look better 17 or 18 inch rims.... last time i was looking at 18 inch rims i was told by shop that they will rub on the back if the car has a full back seat is this TRUE ?
  11. Hi guys i was thinking of buying a set of new alloys from a company called wheel base anyone used them before... Have really good offers some honest advice would be good be stung before money is tight and not long before xmas Thanks
  12. Hi ya guys went looking at alloys today and seen a few styles i liked when i asked if they came in 18 inch alloys.... He said to me it was impossibe to fit 18 inch alloys i can only fit 17 inch alloys only as i would need to change the arches as they Rub Is this true or UNTRUE dont want my new ones to rub
  13. Hi ya guys. I was cleaning my car today and noticed that my back tyres are needing replaced soon. The thing is all the wheels are looking really tired..... I was thinking upgrading to 17 or 18 inch Anyone with aftermarket alloys can you post your pictures... Anyone know where to get a good deal on alloys and tyre package
  14. Hi mate, Lucky enough that one of my pals works in the Lexus garage in Glasgow plus the mechanics in there are 1st class he asked one of them to have a quick look for me then told me it was the bush on driver side that was gone. Only thing is the parts dept was closed as it was sat afternoon and he doesnt know if the sell it seperate or full kit. I will let you know once it is fixed thanks for the LINK
  15. Hi all I have been posting quite a few over the last week about vibrations through my steering wheel. 1st Thought it was wheel balancing got it checked twice 2nd Thought it was sticky caliper both taken off and checked. No faults plus new pads and disc fitted 3rd Turned out to be trailing arm bushes Has anyone replaced these before and know where the best palce to get them as its xmas and money is tight ta P
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