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  1. prince83


    i call the metal thing that will make the screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaching noise to let you know your barkaes are gone a sensor :)
  2. prince83


    just out of interest stav, how long did it take u to do?
  3. prince83


    thanks bud, Already have the spacers so i guess il go for just the extended studs
  4. prince83


    thanks mate, just been hunting on ebay, will these be ok?
  5. prince83


    can anyone please tell me where i can get longer studs from and also the size's and measurements i need. thanks
  6. prince83


    Thanks Guys, Stav could you give me some pointers of where you got yours from and how you went about doing the job please :) . Aquaunuke you gotta remember that the new pads a considerably thicker than the worn one's (possible another 5mm) so its more like 10mm of stud at the moment ;).
  7. prince83


    it's 40 or 45 but i can't confirm as im at work at the moment. What offset are yours Redz??? Have you changed your pads?
  8. prince83


    hi, i changed the alloys as soon as i bought the car, it had stock rims on before. Im pretty sure the offset is correct. Its such a bugger as my pads only have a few mm left until they hit the sensor. As i said it has always had a 5mm spacer on there but for it to get clearance with the new pads on it needs around 10mm. So i need to gain 5mm somewhere???? Regards
  9. prince83


    Hi guys, Having a few problems fitting new brake pads. Bought some new pads (standard, nothing flashy). Put them on and they fitted fine but when i tried to put the wheel back on it was locked against the caliper. I already had a 5mm spacer on there so i decided to put another 5mm making 10mm. Now i have clearance but i cannot screw the nuts on as there is not enough thread to to catch??? Out of interest i HAVE changed the rims (18's x7.5). Please help, how do the rest of you guys manage to change your pads without this problem??? P.s The only thing i can think of is get stud extenders but that will take ages thanks in advance
  10. Cat C = Heavy/Chassis damge Cat D = Light/ No Chassis damage
  11. Yep your right about the condensation, dropped the headlights of to my mates and he's gona re-seal them for me, might pop some angel eyes in while he's at it ;)
  12. Thanks. No plans for further mods yet but im sure something will pop up!!! Mods; tein suspension with edfc sard racing exhaust cat back tte front bumper lenso reizen 2 rims with kumho rubber strut brace oil catch tank led rear lights clear trunk lights eyebrows custom rear spoiler
  13. Finally some pics of my Tezza, let me know what you think
  14. prince83


    Yep it's connected
  15. prince83


    Ok guys, Just to make sure, my ecu is the correct one for my auto/tip transmission??? If so, preliminary WOOOHOOO P.s can i ask why it says M/T on it?
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