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  1. what model is battery and where from please any link thanks
  2. hi i have a hks hipower silent stainless steel backbox that i am going to sell soon in mint condition
  3. the master of all things on four wheels has spoken listen to him :winky: nice to see you back tony :winky:
  4. good one steve keeps us posted on this one please :winky:
  5. lexus wolves are great really care about there work and my mate daz is head tec there
  6. how much for the front mats and are they lexus logo on then pm me price please :winky: neil
  7. there not handed only the bracket is handed they just turn out of the bracket :winky: only top caps and brackets are handed
  8. the doc has spoken the master of things that run on wheels :winky:
  9. fargo is back on the seen who used to make them so give him a shout for the amp bypass lead :winky: neil
  10. power steering belts or i would change the power steering fluid :winky:
  11. i had bridgestones on then changed to falkan 452s at 67 a corner
  12. looks ok to fella looks like a cusco copy just make sure it covers the air box on the right hand side if not file out a little bit and put some rubber under it or you will feel the engine vibration in the inside of the car :winky: neil
  13. get tht geo done will handle a lot better and leave the traction control :winky:
  14. you remembered how we stripped yours then mike after the bump :winky:
  15. steve thats in nice nick mate nice price too :winky:
  16. hi danielle i would say warped disk . but i would check all the four slide pins on the front calipers they must slide free dont copper slip them use high temperature grease hope this helps neil
  17. nice one jay looking good with the 20" on mate :winky: neil
  18. Dinho they are 2 pounds each as they come in two bits the seats then centre pins from lexus wolves but having a mate at lexus they cost me nothing give me a pm can we can meet up you can have what i have foe nothing mate hope this helps :winky: neil
  19. how many you need mate think i have 8 mate :winky:
  20. its sounds to me like the recycleing fan on the a/c to me put it on air in and try that :winky: neil
  21. they are stuck on best way to remove them is warm up with a hairdryer and use dental floss to remove clean off with nail polish remover then rewax job done hope this helps neil
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