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  1. Hi Ian Not sure what part of London your in but I use the following garage based in SE London. I have used them for cambelt change, service & MOT and have no problems recommending them :- Albin B Motors Ltd, Unit 2b, Maybrey Works, 2, Worsley Bridge Road, London SE26 5AZ Contact : Kevin Barnett. Tel: 020 8650 7080
  2. The only time something like that happened me (not a Lexus) was when a lead from the battery broke and the engine suddenly stopped - would have thought if it was lack of petrol it might splutter to a stall - only my thoughts.
  3. I got a chance to look at the courtesy light last Sat - while trying to remove the lens a couple of black thinks feel inside the lens and the bulb came on - when I actually got the lens removed the black things where parts of a fried small beetle - not sure if this was the problem but the light works fine now ! While the lens was out i swapped the standard festoon bulb for a blue LED - it did not work so I emailed the ebay supplier who promptly replied swap the bulb 180 degrees as LED's are polarity sensitive - LED now works !
  4. Hi All A bit of a conundrum - the dome central light (behind the moonroof !) is switched to come on when you open the doors and also when you activate the remote door opening. Unfortunetly the light comes on sometimes and not others - I have tried all the 'switches' on the door apertures that operate the courtesy light and they appear ok - as the the low level lights on the front doors go off when they are pressed. Just wondering if any others have had a similar problem & how they got over it. I will look at it over the weekend and try a new bulb (a blue LED) but do not think it's the bulb as sometimes works - strange.
  5. Hi guys Just a quick recommendation for ABM Last week (Thu 5th March) dropped my IS200 SE 2001 off for an MOT & a 'baby' service - had a major service done at ABM last year. All ok - dropped car off in the morning & collected that afternoon - all ok, car passed. And no I do not work for them - lol but am pleased with the service received and thought other guys might appreciate a 'heads up' Albin B Motors Ltd, Unit 2b, Maybrey Works, 2, Worsley Bridge Road, London SE26 5AZ Contact : Kevin Barnett. Tel: 020 8650 7080
  6. Try this link to how I fitted the Scanguage - really easy to fit.
  7. Hi all Hope this does not sound too lazy but anyone know how to remove the 'dome' courtesy light in the centre of the roof ? (IS200 SE 2001) The bulb in mine appears to be playing up and I want to replace it with an LED but I wanted to open it and cannot see any access to it. Thanks
  8. Cheers Wozza - I am away till next Wed but will contact you on my return if ok.
  9. Any members got a spare cigarette lighter (not looking for a free one) for an IS200 SE 2001 year - as I have bought the chrome gearknob & matching chrome ball for lighter but I cannot remove the normal black 'push' section as shown in the instructions from my lighter but would like to 'practice' on a spare. Could collect if in South London or will send postage with cost of lighter. Thanks in anticipation
  10. I agree with Wozza regarding AB Motors in SE London - have used them myself for service, cambelt change & new front legs for my IS200 SE - very professional, no problems - will be back soon for my yearly service. I have left a recommendation for them in the relevant area on this site.
  11. I have an IS 200 SE 2001 and have a seperate button for the headlamp washers (by the fog light switch - right of the steering wheel) - they have never come on unless I press this button - I know this because as an earlier poster said the headlamp washers practically wash the bonnet as well - lol.
  12. Hi Greedy - I fitted a HID kit - was very easy - I have (hopefully) attached the link with pics.
  13. I used them - many years ago (they closed down & never heard of again) - they used to be at the junction of the South Circular &A 23 (Streatham / Brixton) - ideal for me - lol I was impressed - they had all the gear for servicing your car & advice on hand - hoists, oil draining equipt. etc - very helpful - used to service friends cars for them in there. Some friends & me we racing a Mini at the time so we would go to OK Diy to sort out stuff on it. Just check out the rates for hiring their equipt. but I found them great - the guys that worked in there were like minded mechanical guys - shame they went, but glad to see they are still 'alive'.
  14. I did see it - he looked like Dicky Davies's lovechild - half his head was dark and the rest was grey - weird looking - may have run out of dye !!
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