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  1. HI.Ihave been considering a GS450H for weeks now.Having owned an LS4OO for nearly nine years and experiencing total reliability i am wondering if a GS can match this.As i find the IS250 too small it would be the obvious choice as a more economical replacement.Guess i need to be a bit more impulsive.Only usually buy the standard size Bounty bar though
  2. Having been in car sales for over thirty years i object to scythes telling me that i am a liar and nothing i say can be trusted.NOT ALL SALESMEN ARE THE SAME.As in all walks of life there are good and bad ones out there.Fairygodmother has given an accurate example of how the sales procedure works and the worst case financially is to try and return a car so quickly having paid top dollar for it.If you want an ISF next year why not keep the LS until then and search for a good part exchange deal--remembering that the ISF will also have depreciated by then..
  3. Legally you are not allowed to dispose of a vehicle whilst there is outstanding finance owing on it.Also if the buyer carries out an HPI type check on your car this will show up on the report.Hope this helps.
  4. I have just bought a 37 panasonic and am delighted with it.I asked an experienced local t.v engineer who said Panasonic were best for reliability.They also have a five year manufacturers warranty.My previous set was a Loewe-very expensive-and it packed up on its fourth birthday-parts not avaliable uneconomical repair etc..Never again!!!.
  5. I once sold a car to a sub prime finance customer who did not even make one payment.When the car was repossesed by the finance company he asked what would happen to it.When told it would be sent to auction he asked if he could buy it cheap for cash before it was auctioned.
  6. This type of person has to buy from sub prime credit companies because their credit score is so poor.They havent got the choice of looking around for a better deal.He probably missed most of the payments on his old Punto
  7. I would agree the Jaguar has great looks and performance but can it match the build quality and reliability of Lexus.Iwould be worried about any srange noises etc.
  8. Turning this around I would be interested to know what previous LS400 owners have changed to next. Obvious choices perhaps aLS430 or a 05-GS-what are the pros and cons.I would like to stay with Lexus because the old LS has been brilliant.Happy Christmas to all LOC members.
  9. Glass s guide is in fact used by many dealers -probably more than use CAP.Many auctions use CAP as a price guide.These guides cost aprox. 350 pounds a year to subscibe to so obviously they have a point in the trade.Bear in mind they are just a guide to prices not the written law.Its down to the customer and the customer to do the best deal they can :winky:
  10. I may be an old man-57- but i drive a V8 Lexus not a 1.0 litre saxo polo peugeot 206 with a spoiler like a coffee table nailed to the back :shutit: .So i will let these kids carry on driving their slow cars too fast and relax in the power and luxury of lexus
  11. These cars are great value for money.Well equipped-Fifty m.p.g-Group five insurance 120 pounds a year road tax and go really well. I would agree not japanese build quality though.They do need a good service history-cambelt changes etc.
  12. The dealer should have helped with both theese problems as you have not had the car long. It would be worth talking to the finance company as they would put pressure on the dealer. You could also mention Trading Standards to the dealer.What does your warranty say is covered
  13. This is known in the motor trade as a backward deal. Many dealers will do this but bear in mind they will value your car a lot harder as they are in effect buying another unit of stock. Shop around for the best deal .I think more people will try to do this sort of deal as the credit crunch bites
  14. HPI is not infallable and only goes on information recieved so it could be someone has entered 1900 miles instead of 19000 for the second service.Can you contact the previous owner and the garage that carred out the services for verification.Did the car have a disclaimer stuck on the speedo when purchased :
  15. Bought some Neoclean sratch remover from advert in sunday express-absolute waste of money-not as good as T-cut and very expensive
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