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  1. Happy Birthday britrb!

  2. Use the file, and the picture should show up in the post. I have no idea about the TPG sensors, but those wheels look very good. Do you have a picture of the whole car? A bit of time with a picture editor, and you could see for yourself how they look. :) Brian :)
  3. Plenty of room inside for your "bitches and ho's" apparently. Brian :)
  4. Dammit! I so got the wrong idea from the topic title!!! Brian :)
  5. Go away!! Not selling my LS400!!! Welcome to the forums mate :) Brian :)
  6. Just read the question and answer thingy at the bottom of the listing. I'm still chortling away!! (On all 8 cylinders!!) 36MPG? Does it have a sticker saying that its "Powered by fairy dust?" Brian :)
  7. Well, I do want some nice tips to put there. I dont want to drive my car around looking like some chav chariot!! Brian :)
  8. I would use my iPhone to record, while its clipped into its holder. Cant get it done this week, bills to pay :( Brian :)
  9. That is what I'm after, but I want the cheap version!! I think I'll have an experiment this week, and take off the two back box's and record the sound. If it sounds right (I just want that V8 burble) I'll see if I can get some tail pipes made up, and leave the box's off until the MOT!! Brian :)
  10. ROFLMFAO!! Love the "Over" picture! I learnt to drive in a Rover 214, I also learnt how to smack a starter motor back to life with a 2lb ball hammer in the same weeks! Every day routine: Get up, **** shower shave, get dressed, smack starter motor, start lesson!! Brian :)
  11. Would doing this cause any damage/excess wear to the engine at all? Love that deep rumble :) Brian :)
  12. Shoot me if you want, but I was wondering if it would be leagal to remove the two rear box's and just stick on some pipe and nice tips at the back of my LS. Does anyone know if it will be too loud (leagal wise), and if it will make anything else break in the engine? I am only wondering, not sure if I want to do this anyway... Think of it as a thought exercise? Brian :)
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