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  1. I chose the F Pace over the NX mainly because of the styling inside and out in particular the media system and sat nav in the Jag which made the NX look and feel a little dated. I have to be honest though and say that I miss the hybird system when town driving but on the motorway the F Pace is very much superior.
  2. All yours - just send me a pm and I will give you details
  3. I've been a Lexus fan for a long time, Steve, and have owned many over the years - I was torn between a new NX or the F Pace and the Jag won my heart, only just! Least I can do is to give something back to the forum after being a member for such a long time.
  4. No idea my friend but would doubt it - forgot to mention that they are 18in. wheels
  5. I've recently traded in my IS F Sport 300h for a Jaguar F Pace - because of this I have a full set of Dunlop SP Winter Sport Tyres on Black Mono Wheels. These are top of the range and have only being used for two winters, hardly worn at all, and will fit directly onto the IS300 - these are FREE to the first member to make contact and is willing to pick up from my home in the north east (Washington, Tyne and Wear).
  6. Welcome Andy and I'm sure you will enjoy the Lex. Surprised that you think the XE interior is boring though because I think that its interior design is one of its strengths - the Jag sat nav makes the Lexus one look agricultural. Just my opinion of course.
  7. The fake leather is called Nu Luxe which covers half of the seat, the rest is definitely cloth - mine was one of the first ones ordered so maybe they changed to all leather shortly after. I will definitely check out the Nx - unfortunately my budget isn't enough to move into RX territory
  8. My IS is one of the early ones with fake leather and cloth (can't remember the name) but it is pretty crap to be honest. I do think that Lexus quality will stand the test of time better than the Jag. I'm going to the F Pace launch night in March so will be able to make a decision after seeing one in the flesh. It will be hard to leave the Lexus brand though!
  9. It's a straight choice between the F Pace R Sport and the Lexus NX F Sport for me and I have to say that the Jag is ahead in my thoughts at the moment. I reckon I will miss the hybrid drive and the relative exclusivity but little else. I will make my mind up once Iv'e seen the F Pace in the flesh. My son has an XE and I'm quite impressed with that too.
  10. I feel that Lexus sat navs will do just as good a job as anything else but looks-wise are very dated compared to the competition.
  11. I'm very tempted to trade in my IS for the F Pace. I don't think the price comparison is that much different when you factor in that sat nav is standard in the Jag and that it really is an RX rival rather than an NX. The 2.0 litre R Sport comes in at around £40k but I'm sure discounts will be fairly easy to come by in a short space of time. My son got more than 4k off an XE not long after they had been launched. I also think that the interior of the F Pace looks more than a match for the NX and the sat nav/entertainment package looks so much more inviting than the blocky display in the Lexus.
  12. I had the Evoque before the IS - beautiful interior but rattles aplenty which LR could not fix - it had to go
  13. My son has the Jaguar XE R Sport and as much as I love my IS300h F Sport the Jag's interior blows it away in terms of design, and in my opinion, quality in most areas, especially the sat nav which makes the Lexus offering look and act ancient. Lexus would trump the Jag in terms of reliability, exclusivity and customer service but I don't think that would be enough to sway me from opting for the upcoming Jaguar F Pace rather than making my next car the NX.
  14. One of the worst things about ALL Lexus models is the ancient look of the graphics on the Sat Nav screens - my son's XE makes my IS's system look stone age in comparison. I thought Lexus may have made some improvements in the NX but unfortunately it looks just as bad as the rest.
  15. Mine are going on tomorrow - its worthwhile just for the peace of mind and quite cost effective when you consider how much longer your normal summer tyres will last
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