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  1. ok,i'll try tomorrow,it seems difficult to fit it in,tried at least 5 times tonight and gave up
  2. Hi all totally baffled by this,my mate had my car whilst i was on holiday and he had to use the spare,since then i can't get it fitted back into it's rightful place,i thought i had on the wrong tyre but it's a 215-45-17,the original size on the SE,what am i doin wrong?
  3. Someone has offered me these,not fibreglass all original stuff,the rear bumper has a slight imperfection nothing major,the sideskirts in good condition,just need painting,what sort of price should i be paying?any ideas would be welcome
  4. No worries mate,some nice sets on ebay right now
  5. Those pics are old i've had the caps fitted with the Lexus logo now,i'll post them up later in week
  6. I had my pcd altered by TT tools in Chelmsford,no need for wobble nuts,proffesional set up and it only cost £50.00 for four wheels,it took about 45 mins to get them all sorted.'ll need spigot rings and as Ormi said you'll need to use 215/40/18 tyres..Offset (ET) of wheels, Increased or reduced The Wheel offset is taken from the wheels centre line and measured to the mounting face of the alloy wheel. There are two main offsets Positive and negative, We can create both, either Increasing or reducing the offset using our CNC Machines. Using our CNC machines we can Skim 5mm off most pre-drilled wheels, (ie. ET35 to ET40) Blank wheels can be machined to almost any offset.
  7. Here a some pics that i took recently,one with the buckled aeros that i had lol,i really like the wheels,and a lot of head turning going on,im gonna put some longer studs on at the end of month.I know not everyones taste but each to their own,to me the car looks much more meaty and square,im lovin it....
  8. My one got binned,try lexus dealers
  9. This is unbelievable,either nobody knows or who knows ain't telling,which one? anyways i'll be at breakers on Mon afternoon and collect a few so i'll come with the measurements and even a pic,,LOL unbelievable
  10. I've googled it a 100 times and still it seems,cant find the original dimensions,a real big secret
  11. Hi,I've been searching the forums with no luck.Does anyone know what the dimensions of the Wheel studs are eg overall length,thread length,and spline? I,ve put my alloys on but need a little extra length on the studs,I've seen these don't know yet if they'll fit....
  12. Yes Ormi,i was just waiting for you to get home from work lol.My car is lowered by 40mm,i thought i could get away with the 225,cos the wheels are 8.oj
  13. Hi all,my previous post last week stated that the wheels i was getting were 8.5 *18j ET 35,well i got the rims sat evening and they are actually 8.0*18j ET 35,I was told that i would need 215/40/18 tyres,is that still the case considering they are only 8.0j,i haven't got the tyres yet as still unsure.I ordered my spigot rings and expecting them on weds,they were supplied by Ebay seller missfunky2010,my wobble bolts +locking are to be supplied by Paul at Regal Auto sports,I hope you like basically once i confirm from someone knowledgeable about the correct tyre sizes i will get them,Thanks again