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  1. Thanks I hadn't realised that. I guess I'll just have to hear the two systems. I haven't a dedicated room and I'm not a hifi nut, but I do enjoy good quality sound and the open sound that the ML DSP provides, I think just using DSP shows I'm not a true music buff. But the sound my ML makes compared to my mates Bose in his Renault or my wife's shockingly bad sound in her 14 plate RAV4 icon is fab. The bass is tight and not overwhelming. I will admit to sitting in my car stationary to enjoy certain tracks as its just sounds great. Thanks for your feedback, guess I'd better take a trip over Christmas to check it out.
  2. So I'm thinking of getting an NX. As stated in another forum, I'm disappoint that the F-Sport can not have the option of the ML as the F-Sport looks nicer. So has anyone tested both, is the ML worth the extra cost? I currently have an 9 year old IS250 with ML in and it still makes my smile. It is excellent sound quality and I really enjoy it with the DSP on and it just give the music another dimension. Thanks Chris I meant ML in the title
  3. Hi All, Recently had a problem with my 2006 IS250, the Check VSC came up, the AA cleared the fault and said take it into a dealer if it occurs again. But whilst he was under the hood, he noticed that the engine cover was broken, must have occur at a previous service. He recommended removing it as the mounts were damaged and it could vibrate and damage some of the leads running over the engine. So, does anyone have a good please that I can get another. Trying to avoid a dealer as they will most likely be extremely expensive. Thanks Chris
  4. Thunder and lightning!

  5. If only my mind would deactivate so I could go to sleep. Less than 6 hours until the alarm goes off!

  6. BGT what a load of crap.

  7. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Hulk rocks and steals the show. Go watch!

  8. I've changed my mobile number for the next 4 weeks, to test the 3 network, my new number is 07446018082

  9. Milk by kings of Leon. Great. Dark room, cans on, nice and loud.

  10. The sound system was working fine, but we didn't have it too loud. I liked the Garnet Red interior and the Aluminium facia, but I would prefer the standard front, with the fogs. Plus there are other options available on the Premier. So, without a doubt, I'll end up looking for a Premier in a few years, with all the extras on. I was impressed with the 12.3" widescreen, but I thought they said, there was a tactile feedback on the control interface, if there was, I couldn't feel it. I also noticed the HUD and also haven't seen that on the spec. But from the number plate hidden in the rear, it looks like it came from Belgium, so perhaps they have that added to their spec. I hope they produce a more comprehensive brochure for the GS, to give all the specs across the range.
  11. Just ordered the £63 AutoGlym Pro Valet Collection pack and the HD Wax, best bit, I get the BOGOF. So once it all arrives, Ill give it a try. I was thinking of getting the Clay pack as well, but that was a little too much to spend this month. Chris
  12. Cheers F.A, sounds like a more plausible option to ask them to investigate.
  13. I saw this yesterday in Cheltenham. It was the F-Sport, black with Garnet Red Leather. Brilliant, it had the 12.3" screen and ML Audio. I sat in the drivers, I'm 6'5", the passenger, Lexus sales person Dave, was 6'3", behind him was another guy, 6'2" and his wife sat behind myself. We all had plenty of space. When i sat in the rear, i had plenty of head room. Although, if a 3rd person was to sit in the centre, their rear would have to be less than 30cm, so fine for a child, or posh spice. The dash layout is excellent and the mode changes to sport with the dials changing to rev and glowing red, very nice. I boot is very large, but not having seen the old GS, I can't comment, but Dave did say that they no longer have to be worried about the boot size putting buyers off. The styling is fantatic, just my cup of tea, very IS, but a little sharper.m the od feature is that the F-Sport has no front fogs! If you have a chance, go and see one, you won't be disappoint, and it if have £53k to spend, I don't think you could buy a better equipped car. In a few years time, mine will be the 450h, but I'm not sure if it would be the premium or the F-Sport. I have some time to ponder on that. Chris
  14. I finally got to sit in the rear, it creaked, but I couldn't find where it was coming from. I push down on the parcel shelf, pressed the rear screen in places.. It kept on creaking. It is so annoying, as the car is excellent when it is cold/cool outside. Anything above 16deg and the creaking starts, even when I park it in the shade. I went to the Lexus GS release in Cheltenham yesterday and not a creak or rattle from the rear,, Cheltenham have said bring it in and they will look at it, as they think it might be something to do with the ML audio amp and speakers in the rear, but I would have thought, if it was, it would occur all the time. It's just a pain getting it to them, as I have to take a day off from work.
  15. Hi F.A. Interesting. I'll check my policy that they gave to me. Hopefully I'll put outside in the sun and get my wife to drive me about, whilst I sit in the back to try and pinpoint where the noise is emitting from. Cheers Chris
  16. Was a sleep, now awake, can't get back off. Grrr. Let's hope listening to a bit of cafe del mar vol 4 does the trick.

  17. Thanks for the response Michael. It happened again, this afternoon, when the outside temp was 20deg. I drove from work, about six miles to pickup my daughter from school. I asked her to try to pin point the sound, she pointed to the top of the rear window. So perhaps it is a similar problem. I went out again tonight about 7.30, not a single sound from the rear. The dealer I purchased from said the same, that rattles and creaks arent covered, but they have offered to take a free look only. But my stand point, and I might be wrong on this, but my test drive was on a cold morning, if it had been a warm afternoon and I'd have heard the noise, I'd have walked away. But I won't play that card until a bit later on. So At least I have an idea where to ask them to look. Regards Chris
  18. Evenimg all, Really enjoying my is250 SE-L, although it is a 56, I purchased via a Lexus dealer in Jan, so have the full Lexus warranty, or so I'm told. But I think I have the dreaded centre speaker rattle (it's not that bad), and in August when I have it serviced, I'll see if I can get that fixed under warranty. Apart from that and a small creak rattle, that appears to come from the glove box, which a gentle push stops it, until I let go, but the sound system hides that. But today, I had major creaking from the rear, my only guess is the parcel shelf in the rear, it hasnt't happened before, my only thought is , it was a lovely afternoon and the car was in the sun and the interior warmed up, to what I'd call cosy, not baking hot, has anyone else suffered this. Tonight at 8pm, squeaks gone, nothing. But it is much cooler. I just wondered if anyone else has this, or is this a standard issue? Thxs Chris
  19. Is this true, Sherlock series 3, in 2013. If so, I'm a happy chap.

    1. janey


      There's definitely going to be a 3rd series (YAY) not sure on dates though ;-))

  20. Very fine snow, should stop picking up the Indian tonight (takeaway, before any of you add witty quips)

  21. Cheers all for your responses. In the past, I had used the toyat version of that site and getting thesat nav dvd was easy, as the unit was under the passenger seat. But I've decided to to let the lexus dealership order the disk and fit it, @£154 inc VAT. When I was trying, I just didn't want to break the plastic facia, considering I've only had the car for 2 days. As it has to go back next week to sort the steering (I have to hold the steering wheel to the right to get it to drive straight) I figured they can do the hard work and take the risk. Regards Chris
  22. Hi all, I'm trying to access the sat nav DVD unit in my is250 and I'm not sure on some of the instructions and I don't want to force it. In the manual it show a couple of tools in the kit, which I have found, so I insert them into the holes, but when you push them in, should they hit the back and then do you put the handles outwards, towards the driver and passenger windows, the tools look like they start to flex, so I'm not keen on applying to much pressure, all I wanted was the part no. so that I could order the latest disk. Thanks Chris
  23. Watching SH on BBC.

  24. Hi All, I finally did it and changed my 04 Prius for a 56 plated IS250SE-L. Did the deal at Lexus Cheltenham and I must say, what a pleasant time it was, no pushy sale man, a real joy. Picking the car up on Tuesday, so looking forward to the new experience of more power and those heated seats on those cold mornings on the way to work. Chris