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  1. im another satisfied blue flame customer got mine from ebay sounds and looks great,good fit too,no rattles or anything,not boy racer like either!!
  2. hi everyone,sorry to but in i know the original question was for a silver car,but what colour have people painted there blue is200's,thanks in advance,pics would be really nice too,cheers!!?
  3. hey,i think i've decided on doing them red,just wondered if anyone had any pictures of a blue one with painted calipers,thank you again in advance for any help,when ive done it ill put some pics up,of the new alloys wheels and paint gall84,
  4. hi everyone,thanks for your help and advice,but ill probably just change the caliper,won some money at the weekend so i might aswel treat her,lol,but since im getting new ones im gonna paint them before they go on,just cant decide what colour to do them,any suggestions or pics,i have a blue one with anthrasite colour wheels on,i was thinking maybe red???
  5. hi thanks for your help,yeah ive been to garage and he said the slider/piston was pitted and rusty,quoted me about 120,supply and fit does this sound about right,looked on ebay the cheapest ones on there are 100 +20 postage,bit steep i think???
  6. hello everyone calipers been sticking on the passenger side but i should probably change both is this right? if so i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere to get them from,if so how much are they,many thanks in advance,cheers gall84..
  7. ok thanks for your help everyone,ill check that link on ebay,aint having any little scroat helping them selves to me wheels,lol!
  8. hi everyone, just got some nice new alloys,needed 2 new tyres so thought id just get new wheels instead,lol,will put some pics up soon!! i just wondered what locking wheel nuts i need,the bloke in the shop said i couldn.t use the standard ones anymore??? theres some on ebay for about 7 pound inc p+p,dunno if there any good or will fit etc,they must be 3 pound for a reason??? any help advice needed,thanks in advice!
  9. i took my insurance out when i was 23 on the lexus,and with 4 years protected no claims,and in the policy breakdown cover is included,and it only costs me 680 fully comp,and i live in kent,which i think is pretty cheap,this is through adrian flux!!
  10. £100ish,i dont think so,ive just booked mine in for this service,i was quoted about 350,but managed to hsggle him down to 290,that is a dealer tho!!
  11. i had my 60k service done at the old lexus dealer in bromly which is now shut,i was quoted 850,including cam belt changed but after speaking to the man on the phone for a bit i managed to get it for 700,quite a big difference,enough for about 3 full tanks of petrol
  12. hi just thought id let everyone know the prices,i've booked it in at the lexus dealer in sidcup with the price of £290 inc vat and a courtesy car,did start at 350 but after a chat got him down to 290,so a slight saving,thanks everyone for the advice and help!!
  13. yeah ill ask them,i was just curious as to how much it might be before i ring them up so ive got a rough guide,its only a minor service after all,but id like to keep the already existing full lexus service history up,i dont really need the courtesy car its just nice if its going for free and drive 'sensibly'
  14. hi everyone my service is due in a months time,i just wondered how much i shoud be paying for this,and how much others had paid for this service. last year i had my service and cam belt done,but looked on here before booking at prices people had paid,and when i rung the bromly branch to book,he qouted me 850,but after a little chat i mananged to get him down to 680,after telling him prices other branches were offering. i just wondered how much people had paid so i can get a rough price,and know how much to haggle when i get my price ill be going to the new branch in sidcup,i recently had my MOT done here with a faultless service and great rx400 couresty car,quite quick too :winky: thanks for help/advice im advance!!
  15. ive got the blue flame full system on mine,excellent fit,sounds nice too,not overally loud,even on the motorway!!
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