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  1. Sorry, forgot to say I'd checked - the fluid is deffo not cherry red but doesn't smell burnt. It's somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd notch (of 4) on the transmission dipstick. The noise changed with engine revs so as you say, could be the torque converter or transmission. Definitely from the front end of the gearbox. Ta for the speedy reply.
  2. Hi all, long time lurker but not really posted and looking for any info on the following symptoms if possible - I promise I've searched... 1. EML on - code P0500 Powertrain Vehicle Speed Sensor. I've not got the kit to clear it so haven't tried. 2. Noise on startup that disappears after 30 seconds or so - not bearing noise, almost like somethings rubbing. 3. No drive (except when it's making the above noise - as soon as the noise disappears, no drive). I've only let it creep on tickover as to hopefully not cause further damage. It was driving fine until I stopped, left it for 4-5 hours, got back in and that's what was happening. No loud clunk of anything breaking etc and I'm stumped> So does anyone have any clues as to why it's doing this? My searches have brought up things like broken flex plate and all sorts of other possible causes but I'm out of my depth. My initial thought was the auto box is goosed but this sensor seems has muddied the waters as nowhere seems to say it could cause no drive - unless it's the goosed auto box that's causing the sensor reading? Not a clue - anyway, all advice/ideas would be gratefully received. Ta in advance.
  3. It seems quite an obvious question, but are the rear driveshafts (diff to hubs) the same for manuals and automatics? I think they should be but when I searched for them online there are a lot listed specifying manual or auto and then some that don't state it. Ta in advance, Graham.