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  1. I saw this and thought some of you might like to take a look. It's not often you find these any more....
  2. I haven't seen a sales brochure but I have seen this that might be worth a look on ebay.
  3. Interestingly I have decided to go with Lexus discs and pads too but fitted by a trusted local garaged for £50+VAT. Discs and pads I can get from Lexus for 136.66.
  4. Hi everyone, I just wondered what everyone is currently recommending for discs and pads at the moment, I'm not talking performance parts just original equipment equivalents. Last time I canvassed opinion it became apparent that most regarded Standard Mintex discs and pads as a good replacement. What are we all thinking now? I have to say I bought some Mintex discs online last time, yet sadly I don't have a real opinion of them because they warped rather quickly. You might think that is a bad reflection on the disc but the problem was caused by ill-fitting of the discs and some pads. Never used that garage again I can tell you. Anyway they were quickly replaced with some of the shelf parts that a mechanic had on the shelf, I think they were Opec branded. I just wanted the car back on the road at that point and didn't pay as much attention as I should. Anyway I'm more than happy to try Mintex again if the canvassed opinion on here is that they are still good parts. Kind Regards Mark
  5. Hi Guys there is an excellent deal going on a full set of 6 spark plugs on ebay at the moment. The plugs are proper IS200/300 spec iridium sparks made by NGK and they are going for £30 buy it now! I would buy them myself but I have just bought a set of NGK's which I have found to be a much better plug than the Denso's. Anyway I just though I'd let you know. Oh and here's the link:
  6. Hi everyone, I'm sure just like me you are probably on the Lexus mailing list and get invited to all sorts of things but I just wondered if anyone on here will be going to Rhinefield house either on the 27th or 28th of this month. It's a little event where you can test drive up to three models from the Lexus range and get a BLT and some orange juice too by the looks of things! I've booked up and my dad an I will be testing the CT200H, the 2011 IS250 and the 2011 ISF! To be honest if it wasn't for the chance to drive the ISF I might not have gone but it should be a fun day and I want another test drive in the IS250 as I've been thinking about replacing my beloved IS200. Anyway just wondered who was going! Thanks Mark
  7. Thanks for your help. I'm not necessarily replacing the coil packs but I wanted to get an idea of the pricing because as the IS200 gets older these seem to go occasionally and I like to know what I'm up against.
  8. I think that is a mistake only the sport cross has folding seats.
  9. Hi there it's almost service time again for me and my IS200SE I'm looking to keep costs down, as are we all no doubt so basically I have a list of items which I'd like to get part numbers for and also if you have any suggestions of where to get this stuff cheaply that would be great. Iridium Spark plugs. Oil Filter. Pollen Filter. Air Filter. Coil Packs. Also what grade of oil do our IS200's take? Thanks In advance Mark
  10. Hi everyone I currently have an IS200 and I'm decided that an IS250 will be its replacement so I've done the usual autotrader haul and there appears to be some good cars around for example a sub 20000 mile IS250 SE-L manual (which is what I'm after) for around £12999. I'm looking mainly at the SE-L's but to be honest if there is a saving to be had and there was a particularly nice example of an SE I could forego the multimedia improvements of the SE-L. Anyway I usually frequent the IS200 part of this forum and what I would like from you guys if you can spare the time is some top buying advice and a list of things to look out for the year I'm looking to buy would likely be between 55 and 07. In fact the SE-L I mentioned above is an 07 plate, so the things I'm wondering are were there any revisions to the IS250 models over those years, is there a better year? Any re-calls to be aware of? Is there a year of car which would offer more value for example would an 08 SE be a better buy than an older 06 SE-L? Does the IS250 suffer from any geometry issues like the inner tyre wear that the IS200 suffered from? Any weak points in the interior trim? Any issues with alloy corrosion? Any engine related issues on hot or cold starts? Anyway that kind of thing I just want to be as well informed as possible and not seem like an easy target or noob to the car sales man. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Mark
  11. Hi Guys, I was just wondering if any of you knew where the fuse for the rear heated screen is located. Is it under the bonnet or in the passenger foot well? Also is this a shared fuse that operates anything else too? Thanks Mark
  12. Dingoes at Castlepoint shopping centre in Yeovil did a great job the panel is as good as new now and I'm really chuffed with it but it cost slightly more than their standard rate at £60. If you're in the area I can seriously recommend them!
  13. Falken 452's here for a few years now they are great all rounders!
  14. Thanks for that Andy that's really helpful any idea what kind of charges are involved? Don't worry I just checked their site and I can see the cost is about £40 per panel. Thanks again Andy
  15. Thanks for that Andy that's really helpful any idea what kind of charges are involved?
  16. Hi All, I wanted to post this up one so I could vent a bit and two also to see if anyone thinks the damage is repairable and where I could get it repaired. Plus an explanation of what would be involved in fixing this too would be great. Basically last night after work I got to my car to find two largeish dents in the rear passenger side door, this instantly made me utterly livid, it always does when someone has knocked or scrapped my car. Below are a few pics of the dents: Sorry for the image quality but I just used my iphone. Thanks in advance Mark
  17. Apparently the ride issues with the A5 come when the suspension is of the sport variety, which it would have been on the Sline model. On standard suspension according to reviews the rid is restored to being relatively refined provided you don't go for 19" alloys. Thanks for you input though my thoughts are focusing on the IS and the A5 still, how do people find the MPG with and IS250?
  18. That's a pretty honest view you have there, like you say forums are nearly always going to give the darker side of things as it's in their nature but it's not good if there is an overwhelming amount of problems.
  19. There is even a part of me that is considering just finding the lowest mileage best example of an IS200 I can, I know a lot about this car and what to expect and look for and the hunt could be fun as well as cheaper. But the point of going newer of course was to get a better return on fuel and a whole host of more modern standard options.
  20. To be honest the current crop of BMW's just don't do it for me aesthetically for some reason, I have looked through the equivalent costing BMW's and the interior just isn't on a par with either the IS or the A5. I realise of course that in terms of out right driving enjoyment then there is no better option than the BMW in this area but I just want something a bit different that pushes my buttons when it comes to what it looks like. Like I say the only real reason I like the A5 so much is simply because of how it looks, vain I know but for me what the car looks like is pretty important. I won't rule a BMW out entirely and will test drive one nearer the time but at this point it is my least considered option.
  21. Hey everyone currently I have an IS200SE which I bought for like £8000 back in '06 and it has served me very well. It's reliable, well built, rear wheel drive, good looking (in my opinion) and fast enough to be fun. Anyway as much as I love my current car and I really do love it. My thoughts have been turning to what car to buy next now I've always loved the look of the new shape IS (SE or SE-I) and so long as I buy a petrol one I'm sure it will deliver much the same as my current car except possible at the cost of some steering feel. But with the addition of all the modern updates, spec wise I believe the 2.5 engine produces 200BHP and is about 8 secs or there abouts to 60. So again similar to what I have, however a big plus will be the extra 5 or so mile per gallon. At this point I should point I should outline that I'm looking to buy in the next year or two. The budget will be approximately 10000-13000. So by then both of these cars could be in budget I've seen examples of IS250's from as little as £8999 nationally. I also really like the looks of the Audi A5 it's subtle and sporty, I love the style of it. I have to say I had never really considered and Audi before but this car with this engine seems to make a lot of sense (currently seen good examples for approx £14500). Sadly with petrol prices as they are I can only really consider the 1.8 TFSI model. There are a bunch of pros and cons for me with this car and I shall list them here. Pros: Styling, modern spec, great economy at around 38 mpg. Cons: Front wheel drive, reported lack of steering feel, rear leg room (but I only have a small child and I could easily give this up for the looks of the car), the loss of the two cylinders when compared to the IS. Performance of the A5 is again not a leap forward from what I currently have and is comparable to the IS. I believe the A5 specs are 160ish BHP and 0-60 in 8.5. Anyway I'm wondering what would you buy, I really want to hear from someone who has driven or has an A5 because whilst I know plenty about the IS250 I know relatively little about the A5. A few questions I have about the A5 would be does the 1.8TFSI have a thirst for oil at all? The reason I ask this is because reading about the larger engine models I have heard they can have an inconsistent thirst for oil. Does the 1.8 avoid this issue? Are the slightly offset pedals easy to get used to? What kind of MPG did the driver get out of the car. Plus a general overall opinion of the car. I'm about to find a good Audi forum to gen up on the A5 a little more but any input here from people who know either car would be great. Thanks in advance Mark
  22. Are there any videos of anyone from here fitting the grom to there IS on you tube? I'm just intrigued to see where people are mounting the grom unit to ensure no rattles or excess noise come form the unit itself. Thanks Mark
  23. Hi there I am considering connecting my ipod to my standard Lexus Head unit ('51 plate), I just want read a really simple step by step guide of how to do itbefore I take the plunge. Now I know there are lots of guides on here somewhere but I have just spent the last hour looking for a good installation guide and I really can't find one. Can any one point me in the right direction? Thanks Mark
  24. I had always admired the IS series cars, great design and when I was 17 or 18 loved seeing them on the road, they were just a bit different than say a BMW but still retained a good chassis. I continued to admire this car over the years that I saw them on the road but really never actually thought I'd ever own one. Years passed and my 306 GLX that I had owned for about 6 or 7 years had just started hitting the mid 80,000 mark and being a French car I was ever mindful of the possible repairs likely to be needed in the coming months and years. So I decided that I would pass the car on while it still had it's relative health. I was left thinking of what car to replace it with and at the time I was single, had been promoted and had a decent level of disposable income so I wanted something either a bit special or with a good engine. I looked at a high horse power limited edition 308 but quite honestly although the interior looked lovely I always struggled and still do with the frankly horrible styling that Peugeot employed in it's car 308 onwards. I looked at Peugeot 406 Coupe, I'd always loved the design of these cars but I realised that it would have French reliability, build and even the 2.2 petrol wasn't particularly quick. I toyed with the idea of adding 6K to my budget and getting an RX8 but whilst I liked them the feul cost and the cars hunger for petrol ruled it out in the end. Then I saw a decent Mazda 6 2.5 sport which was very tidy inside and out and I knew it had a good engine. So I called up to take a test drive but luckily the person before me bought it. I say luckily because this caused me to look one more time around the local forecourts and this presented me with an IS200 SE. The car was in excellent condition and had covered low miles with a full service history. The car had no price on and as it was a Sunday I had to wait until Monday to test drive and find out how much the car would be. I managed to wait the whole weekend and was so nervous that the car had already been sold, I managed to book a test drive and got to the car first thing with my dad. The car drove fantastically and I was pretty much in awe and couldn't believe I might be able to purchase such a car. The car was £8550 and I could hardly haggle anything other than a full tank and a £50 discount, I bought it there and then. I have had my car for over five years now and I look at the car every day and I'm proud to won it and still get a great feeling when I just look at it. Sad? Maybe but I do love my IS200 se and it has been the best purchasing decision I have made. The points that made me buy the IS200se were: RWD 6 Speed manual 6 cylinder engine great overall spec evel for the price Bullet proof reliability nippy if not particularly fast engine But most of all the looks, I just love the IS200/300 design especially with the 5 spoke standard 17" alloys. The reason I got the 200 over the 300 was mainly the manual gear box, I know the auto in the 300 is great but I just love the proper 6 speed manual. Honestly though if they made a full manual IS300 I would definitely have got one of those instead. The Lexus still looks great today and I'll carry on with this one probably until it dies, I have to say though my heart does sink a little though when I see one being driven by very young drivers now though, most of them just don't seem to appreciate the car.
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