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  1. "The way in which it works differs from the factory rev limiter in that it is an ignition cut, as opposed to a fuel cut. The reason for this is because if an engine (particularly turbocharged) regularly hits a fuel-cut rev limit (such as in high performance driving, or particularly drifting) engine damage can arise due to the lean condition produced when the original ECU shuts off the fuel pump" as for EXTREMELY bad for the engine.. Im yet to find any bad feed back or problems due to it
  2. DO NOT Trust that web site. You must only use GL4 oil in your J160 6 Speed. All the oils that site list for the Altezza 6MT are GL5. The only synthetic oils I've found that are safe to use are Redline MT-90, TRD 75W90 & Amsoil 75W90 The reason why you don't use GL5 oil is the Altezza/IS J160 6 speed gear box has brass synchro rings. Most GL5 oils contain reactive sulfurs that cause damage to these synchros. So unless you want to rebuild your gear box in the near future don't use GL5. thanks for for that info, also has anyone got an idea of how much i will need ?
  3. thanks mate... off topic.. but according to that site, what the hells an altezza rs180??
  4. ive done a search and cant seem to find much info :( what oil, how much oil. for a full gear box oil change on a rs200? ive been into toyota.. they sent me to lexus... between the 2 of them they dont actualy know what oil goes in :S any help is much appreciated
  5. just been out and had a mess around, the clunking is definitely clutch/gear box related.. makes the clunking when the clutch is active
  6. ill cut straight to the point, rs200 something big's started rattling/clunking for around the first minute of driving, wether i pull off cold or leave it to warm up. im going to go with.. its around the gear box area. also the car will lose alot of power, struggle to rev up 'feels like the air filter is completly blocked' then go perfectly normal again, and vise versa. if i hold the car at a steady speed/revs it feels like im blipping the throttle. any ideas are much appreciated thanks in advance
  7. could you post a pic up just want to see how a carbon fiber hood looks thanks
  8. very interested, as i'd be going japshow anyway, so may aswell jump on the club stand
  9. thanks for the advice, but yea im not really looking on spending full price for a new one, when its gonna do exactly the same thing as a 2nd hand one. no rush anyways so ill just keep a look out
  10. not looking on spending major cash, just wondering if anyone has a 2nd hand carbon bonet that their looking to part with thanks in advance
  11. BMC in birmingham, ive used them a few times, but i dont think ill be doin it again. any links to pics of ur aristo? i highly think one will be my next car, was kinda high on the insurance tho.
  12. finally picked it back up, all sorted. as far as there concerned it was all just loose stuff.... loose wire hence no reverse lights/beepin, and loose 'shaft or somthing' hence no gear 5. seems as tho they never connected the reverse lights wire back up, and my gear 5 seems to go in and out different to the rest, feels also a new part has been fitted. so i dont belive anything was 'loose' i belive their just sh*t and f**ked somthing up. all's well now tho and i very doubt i'll be using that garage again.
  13. im trying to work out if my altezza has a different gear ration to standard. the following is bassed on around 3000rpm gear 1 at 3000rpm = 10mph gear 2 " " 20mph gear 3 " " 30mph gear 4 " " 40 mph gear 5 " " 50 mph gear 6 " " 60mph is this normal, or do you have other??
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