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  1. It's a good price Mike, just take that. Chaucer are a fantastic insurer as well. Ollie Sky Insurance
  2. It will be to do with the claims/loss ratio associated with each vehicle.
  3. Apologies for the delayed reply. My company should be able to help with this, we can usually 'mirror' over your existing NCB to the second car. Feel free to give us a try.
  4. British Drift Championship (BDC) - a stunning short film by Stephen Brooks If ever you needed to see why the British Drift Championship is so popular, watch this stunning short film produced by Stephen Brooks, where he captures the scene, the mood and the excitement involved with the 2010 Championship. We felt this film was too good not to share with others! You can view the film on the Modified Car Insurance page of our website. Believe us when we say it is one of the best short films you will see about drifting. If you are unfamiliar with the UK Drift scene, there are plenty of events that you can get along to see - and you will be able to check out the Driftworks Team, sponsored by Sky Insurance, in action. We are confident you will not be disappointed! Feel free to leave your feedback Thanks Ollie
  5. Please try my company, we offer a dicount to LOC members: tel: 02083645500 Thanks Ollie Sky Insurance
  6. Sky Insurance are the official insurer for the Lexus Owners Club, please call us on 02083645500. Thanks Ollie Sky Insuramce
  7. Come on guys, no takers for this? Great event, for charity, what are you waiting for??!!
  8. It is well worth trying my company, we are the official Lexus Owners club insurers and are usually very competitive. Tel: 0208 3645500, please mention you are a club member.
  9. Sky Insurance - LOC official insurers tel: 02083645500 Discount for members, please just mention LOC when you call us.
  10. You have two claims, no ncb, live in one of the highest risk areas for car insurance in the UK and have a 200BHP beams altezza.. £2000 is a damn good price.
  11. Sky Insurance are the official insurer for the club and we insure more Mkiv Supras than any other UK insurer. The price difference is down to the claims/loss ratio associated with each particular vehicle. Ollie Sky Insurance
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