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  1. Mine does that too occationally, not all the time though. Seems to only happen when you put your foot down a bit. I have also noticed that if i pull away a bit fast in 1st, the clutch pedal doest disengage properly and the pedal is still half way down... but the car is still accelerating normally??? Do you get any judder when pulling away, mine started juddering a few weeks after the first slip. Whats the best new clutch to go for for a standard is200, is it worth putting a aftermarket one on? Thanks.
  2. Ok thanks. I will look out for ya Prolex. ;)
  3. Anyone going to JTS show, Silverstone on 1st June? On the day: Official round of EDC Series Official round of Time attack series Public Track time £25 a session trade and retail exhibition Link: JTS Show
  4. Cool, thanks mate. I will probably get some of those soon and see what the difference is. Ill let ya know and show you pics of before and after, when i get them.
  5. Thanks for the link, how much was the shipping costs and delivery time? How many bulbs did you replace? Thanks.
  6. yeah im not too pleased with the leds, some seem brighter than others and dont give an even spread of light, im going to get some other ones and see if they make a difference.
  7. They are RVS Falcons from Elite. Im not sure about yellow on the blue car, they look good on the plat ICE, but i think i would have to see a pic of them on my colour car. I might have a go with paint and have a look. I will post some pics of the different colours when i can. Thanks.
  8. Just looked at the savage caliper kit, Looks like a bargain to me, i think i will get one of these, now just the colour. Colours Available: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Gold, Silver What ya think??
  9. Thanks for all the replys. as for the caliper colour, im not too sure yet, i was thinking black, but i did want them to stand out a bit more so black's not the greatest for that. Not too sure what other colours would look right though. Any suggestions??
  10. Just realised it was sending me to the comlete wrong place, 48 mins sounds better to me. :D
  11. Well that was according to Google maps. So its probly wrong. lol.
  12. Thanks alot Wozza. Hope to see you there.
  13. Looking Good mate. Think he ment 27th april. lol. But just realised its a 2 hour drive from rainham. lol. Did you paint your calipers yourself or are they aftermarket ones?
  14. Cool, Thanks mate. Hope to get down to them both. Do you have to be a gold member or do you just turn up? Thanks.
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