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  1. Hi i reported a previous problem with my engine and now finally it has died. The oil pump broke and i have been told that it left metal fragments revolving around the engine (at 125). So i believe i only have two options. A new engine or a rebuild. I am looking for a new engine but can't find one that is reasonable so if anyone knows where a decent low mileage engine is please advise thanks. Or someone that does reasonabley priced rebuilds. I am tempted to see if it could be re built with a vengence (more power). Please let me know either way thanks.
  2. Ha Ha...mine is on the motorway a lot and does get pushed hard and i love it. So if you’re in the Midlands and see a silver one up your arse it’s probably me Yes because i drive shall we say at the high end it gets serviced very regularly.
  3. Hi i recently had my oil pump go on me. On the way to the garage the engin management light and everything came on and the car stopped. The oil pump was changed and the car seemed to run fine but i did notice a very slight rough ness as though the timing was out. I took it to another garage and it was plugged into various gizmo athat said the timing was out but everything else was spot on. the timing belt had been changed but still there is a slight roughness. Nothing is being picked up on any computer. Everything is saying the engine is ok and sure enough it runs fine. but there is a very low level roughness that you can feel through the gear stick. and hear if you tweak the revs at low tic over. I have been told it may be the "balancer shaft" is this a possibility. Any pointers appreciated - thanks
  4. Thanks for that. I have phoned my mechanic to have a look at this as i didn't realise that was the case - thanks agin
  5. Thanks for the reply. The Belt was chaged at the start of 2008. Everything has been fine until this oil pump problem a few weeks ago.
  6. Hi All I have an IS200 se. I have never had a problem till now. A few weeks ago the oil light intermitantly came on the dashboard when the car was started. A few days later the light stayed on and then the traction light and engine management light came on. I limped it to the garage and they changed the oil pump and all was fine. I drive approx 100mile and then all of a sudden traction and management light came on again. I limped it back to the garage. And the said it could be anything such as bent cam shaft etc. I took it to another garage nad they have ran it and plugged the laptop in and they say mechanically the engine is fine apart form the VVT Sensor for the Cam shaft. This was change but even though there is now no loss of power after approx 50miles the engine management light comes on with error code P1346 - cam shaft position sensor - the range or pwerformance is wrong. The engine seems to run fine and no longer goes into limp mode but the light comes on. Any ideas out there? - thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys i have just picked myself up off the floor after being told that my pre cat has gone on my IS200 SE and the bits may have been blocking my main cat. Not sure wether it is damaged. Lexus has said that it will cost me £617 for a replacement. Does any one no where i can get them cheaper? i believe my exhaust is stainless steel factory fitted. I not sure whether this is standard. Is there any quiet replacemnt exhaust system that may be better and more worth while.
  8. Hi thanks for your input. Can you confirm that if the manifold sensor was faulty that it would show up in the ECU with an error code? If that is the case then it sounds like it must be the CAT as there is no error in the ECU - thanks again.
  9. Thanks for that he did say he checked but i will get him to re check. How many are there? could it be an air flow meter?
  10. Hi all. My car has been in the garage for the last few days. When on the motorway i have been noticing a lack of performance. All of a sudden last weekend it seemed to go totally flat. It went to the garage and had a new air filter and apparently the fuel filter is in the tank. The ECU says all clear. When i accelerate gently it is not too bad. As soon as i put my foot down hard whatever gear it feels really as though there is no fuel or air. Tick over seems fine. Any ideas? I think it is air intake related what sensors are there?
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