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  1. Okay gents update- so Lexus Carlisle were given the opportunity to repair sunroof a second time and guess what yep it leaked again (3 months after actioning repair). I informed them I wanted to reject. They agreed and came back to me with what I believe to be a fair price after 1.5 years of ownership and 8k miles. however I have seen a Es demo that they have and am in the process of potentially buying. I have explained to the operations director my concerns at buying from them again. I said why back in this post about my ls 430 and how Lexus may not build them like they used to. Anyway your advice throughout has been invaluable thank you 🙏
  2. John unsure on that one. I’ve agreed to let Lexus Carlisle repair the water ingress and this new fault happened 8 months into my ownership ( so the difficulty would be in proving the fault was there at purchase)
  3. Lexus Glasgow update they can’t determine what’s causing the issue they took it out a test drive and it STALLED! It’s now running fine but they are going to investigate further Anyone else had these issues
  4. Hi John yes to having one final chance to fix the water ingress and Lexus Glasgow have the car just now for the new issue as it’s got extended warranty (bought the car in July last year). Don’t really want to drive it down to Carlisle until it’s fixed incase irreparable damage is done
  5. So operations director agreed to terms on another note now my engine management light has come on and felt like it was going to cut out IMG_1341.MOV
  6. Many thank John and Les for the assistance it’s been most helpful kind regards Colin
  7. Again great advice thank you! they have already confirmed a loan car below is what I am emailing to them Can you do next Wednesday morning from my home address please I believe that Lexus Glasgow has some direction as to what repairs to effect and I’m aware they have liaised with you. I hope that the fault is fixed on this second attempt and I would point out that should it persist I will be rejecting the car and expect a suitable refund of the purchase price less appropriate usage Can you or (dealer principal) please confirm that Lexus Carlisle are agreeable to these terms and if not I will be rejecting the car with immediate effect Regards Colin
  8. So I sent email at 8am this morning and got a response via email at 1.35pm. Poor communication and customer service. They want to collect the car and fix the water ingress so they can minimise potential costs to them. I’ve spoke to Lexus Customer Relations and told them my concern as Carlisle has been poor in communication and I’m not confident in their workmanship. So I either get Carlisle to fix or reject. Would have preferred Glasgow to do it
  9. Thank you so much for the advice!!! Here is my response to Lexus Carlisle  Good morning Dougie I called yesterday, not sure if you got the message. Lexus Glasgow informed me that you are not prepared to cover the cost of investigation and repair (if not covered by the extended warranty) as you have spent too much on the car already I am very concerned that this is the case for a water ingress (in exactly the same area) that was reported within 2 weeks of original purchase and has not been rectified Spending too much money on a car does not absolve from your legal responsibility if you do not fix the water ingress I will reject the car Regards Colin
  10. Hi Roy you would think Lexus Glasgow have contacted Carlisle for auth to investigate and pay for repairs should the leak not be covered by the warranty Lexus Carlisle refused saying they have spent too much on the car already I am soo frustrated
  11. Hi I got 2 years but not sure if water ingress would be covered. I was also contemplating rejecting car as this was an issue when I bought it
  12. Just thought I would update. The water ingress I had when I purchased car is back in the exact same place. Looks like it’s coming in at the area of the interior light and sun glasses holder behind the rear view mirror. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks Colin
  13. Difficult to make a blanket statement to that effect to be honest. All I can say is based on my experience I wouldn’t use them ever again
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