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  1. Wow! i wonder if Lexus are concerned at this, it seems to be happening at quite a few dealerships surely they realise it makes a mockery of “experience amazing”
  2. Thanks guys for the reply’s it was Lexus Carlisle I felt they were dragging there heels a bit as there was a bit of uncertainty about who was financially responsible ie warranty sales or service so I emailed Lexus customer relations and that seemed to make them more agreeable since then it’s been good service. At the end of the day the faults were with the car when I bought it so I wasn’t interested who paid I just wanted it fixed. Can’t say they have been unreasonable just a bit slow perhaps. what dealer was it where you swapped your car? really like the 200 it’s a great car to drive . It’s also a cheaper alternative to the hybrid by a good 5-7k and as I do a low mileage it made good sense still miss my ls 430 don’t think they will ever make a car like that again
  3. Hi all after 8 years of owning my ls430 I traded it in with 120k miles and 14 years old with impeccable reliability. It was more gut wrenching than my divorce! so I took delivery of a rx 200t luxury and am really enjoying, or was until after 3 days of ownership I discovered the following -Sunroof rattle when open -Boot door creaking -Water in rear light driver side -Auto wipers not working -Creaking when turning steering wheel and brakes on actioning slow manoeuvres ie reversing out driveway -water leak at interior light and spec holder -rust spot at rear driver quarter panel close to door so I have been without it for 2 weeks now i guess after owning two previous Lexus I’m a bit disappointed that so much was wrong especially buying an approved car on the plus side I’m looking forward to getting it back and driving
  4. Aye mark 850 for the 2 wheel bearings 800 for the aircon pipes 750 approx for the rear shocker
  5. It's up to cars ten years old and less than 140k miles. My car will be ten years this year that's why I bought the 2 year deal. Did you buy from a Lexus dealer? Could always chance your arm but according to the t&cs your car is too old Colin
  6. Okay Phil Keep us posted please Thanks Colin
  7. Hi guys any meets in Scotland Thanks Colin
  8. Hi Steve Glad you posted this, I'm exactly in the same predicament so will be visiting aldi! Regards Colin
  9. colin4989


    Hi John I had a 2003 rx 300 for 5 years from 2007-12. Great car had no probs with it except usual wear and tear items Enjoy Colin
  10. I've just bought the 24 month warranty. I believe it's well worth it, plus I'm a worrier so I enjoy the peace of mind. The dealer was also doing an offer on servicing to include 1 major and minor service for £199 Great value for money overall, cheaper than other marques plus a bloody great car