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  1. I think I will get used to the looks, esp with a front number plate. I wonder what engine/gearbox options there will be. I hope they improve, maybe even a diesel with an autobox.
  2. After serval visits to the garage it turns out it was a sensor on the other bank.
  3. Turns out the senors are ok, its the control module thats triggering the CEL and it has to come from Japan. Cheers Ian
  4. My 03 GS430 has a very slight rattle/jingle noise when I accelerate about medium. It sounds almost like a leaf stuck in the heater system. The noise is quiet and doesn’t happen when I’m driving slowly and it goes past the noise quickly under hard acceleration. The engine makes no noises I can hear at any revs when in neutral. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas what it might be? Thanks. Ian.
  5. Had the sensor replaced under warranty, garage said they billed the warranty company £140 for the job. Anoying thing is after five miles the CEL came on again. Took the car back and the second senor has now gone, so this has to be replaced now. Cheers. Ian.
  6. As you predicted, the VSC lights have triggered. I found your pin diagram and instructions on another post so will give that a go. Cheers. Ian.
  7. Got my code reader today. Gave me one code. P0135 $10 1/1 Generic O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1 Freeze Frame DTCFRZF - P0135 FUELSYS1 - CL FUELSYS2 - CL LOAD_PCT (%) - 22.00 ETC(oF) - 178 SHRTFT1(%) - -0.8 LONGFT1(%) - -9.4 SHRTFT(%) - 0.0 LONGFT2(%) - 7.0 RPM(/min) - 600 VSS(mph) - 0 LAT(of) - 46 The car is under warranty and senors are included so the garage will be taking a look at it. Guessing they will put a new sensor on the car, this might also explain my below average mpgs. Cheers. Ian.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. Cheers. Ian.
  9. Thanks TigerFish. Is it the obd2 fault code reader that I need? Cheers. Ian.
  10. Hi, This morning the CEL came on. The car has no symptoms. Is there a way to read the CEL codes with out a code reader? My old Scooby had a couple of wires under the dash that you would connect and the CEL would flash the error code for you, just wondering if Lexus has something simular? Cheers. Ian.
  11. Not wishing to teach your grandmother to suck eggs, but remember to use a good shampoo. It's amazing how many people pay for a valet and then use a rubbish shampoo or co-op jet wash etc which ends up washing off the wax leaving the car unprotected.
  12. As said before is a good place to visit. As well as using a lambs wool mitt or microfiber mitt and the two bucket washing method there are some other basic rules. Like hose/jet washing the car down to loosen dirt before washing. Choice of car shampoo, WARNING ensure you use a good shampoo, as some shampoos will strip off the wax leaving your car unprotected. If you think the choice at your local Halfords is vast then it gets even bigger on the net. There are tons of products you can buy and it depends on your paint type/colour and budget amongst other things. As said before AutoGlym products are easy to get hold of, some people slag AG but if used correctly they can achieve a good finish. Assuming the car has swirls and scratches then AG’s super resin polish, when used with a foam applicator and just two to three bean sized drops of the product, worked into the panel in straight lines(front to rear) works well. It has slight correction and fillers that mask swirls so it is pretty safe to use. The protection it leaves behind is not great so you need to put a wax on top. AG’s HD wax is very good, as is Victoria Wax - Concours Wax. Halfords also do a good range of Meguiars products(including kits with shampoo, wax and applicators etc) which are also pretty good. I use their gold class shampoo on my black GS430, my brother uses the gold class wax on his black fiesta and it looks good. Meg’s also do NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 Car Wax, which is meant to make black paint more black, heres a vid .Hope that helps.
  13. Turned out to be a sticky caliper. Had to have a new caliper fitted plus new disks and pads.
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