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  1. It's very unlikely to introduce boost any quicker since it's gas flow through the exhaust manifold that spools the turbo nothing else. James
  2. This could very well be a timing issue. The timing belt could have slipped, pull the cover and check. James
  3. Mapping thursday, shes a runner. Excuse the pic it needs some spit and polish.
  4. Hi Steve. Simply because the real cost of a project like this is closer to £8K Cheers James Why ? That comes across as kinda negative but surely you don't mean it like that ?
  5. "Looking awesome though Hope the Gel Stickers don't melt " Gel :shutit: Lol mate I take that personal :winky: thats Ally welded on there James
  6. Hi Guys. Firstly I would like to appologise for not being online for what seems like ever. The work that has gone into this project has been insane, Ive lost tabs of whats we have modded/changed. We would like to have finished it now and had Phill driving it home but simply it aint possible. Heres why. We have had to put it together like a jigsaw, but a jigsaw that can only be constructed in 1 particular order to this end you have no odea how many times the engine has been in and out Dont get me wrong, I knew we were doing this project at a loss as a display of our skills, I just didnt know how many of our skills this would draw on. Never the less, its been great, and Phill is gonna have a totally unique car because Im 100% sure nobody else will do this project. The way we have built it means its as easier to service and maintain than the original setup. Once again sorry for the delays, and bear with us a bit longer. James Now im off to read all the pm's I havnt seen yet.
  7. Hey Matt I will send you a pic of a PP demo car running nearly 600hp with a very similar manifold, you'll be suprised what a big turbo does to tight angles
  8. Yep matt your 100% right however for 300 hp on a 3sgte this manifold will be more than adequate its not as flat as it looks in the pic there is a sizable deflection but nothing like we would make for a big power engine using velocity stacks etc, there is also a budget to keep an eye on. Cheers for all the comments ist good to see so much interest in the project. On a seperate note Feltham propshafts are not as good as I was informed, They have delayed us saying the prop is joined using a spun weld technique which makes it more tricky to extend it and cant tell us yet when we will get a full description on how it will be resolved but promised us a call back this week. I was under the impression most modern day props are joined with that technique and that they should experience these things being as they are pro's in their field. I will give them the benefit of doubt untill the end of the week. James
  9. think you might have missed the humour in my words.
  10. lol you guys! The intercooler itself is stronger than the crach bar lol!!.. We wont be using the stock unit, but once we have put everything back we need a heavy duty one will be made to fit. The bar you see there is a fairly rough construction to simple hold the weight of the intercooler, its not visible with the bumper back on. There are some things that cant be done untill all the minor bits are finished, the 3s wiring harness is complete and the engine could be started, once that happens we can start feeding the IS ecu the bits it wants. Untill this is done there will be lots of bits out of place. Will be harrassing the prop modders monday about getting that back James
  11. Boosted cars use vacume and pressure signals to various sensors that get sent to the ecu and in turn the ecu can manage the engine efficiently. On your car we need Brake vacume Boost to map sensor Boost to gauge Boost to fuel pressure regulator Boost to dump valve Boss for air temp sensor each one of yours have been turned on a small lathe and welded on. James
  12. Hey guys, Have a look here Its coming together very well now sory for the delays, there have been some unexpected hoops to jump through but we are on the home run now. James
  13. Hi Guys. Ok we have made great progress. Here are just a few thing we have been up to. Modfying coolant housings Modifying aircon pipework Finishing build of engine and install Made custom engine wrining harness Modifying fuel system to accept a return line Things we have outsourced that we are still waiting for. -Most costly one is the custom intake manifold -Prop shaft -Bell housing mdification There will be some more pics towards the end of the week, then nothing untill we have a finished product, iin a word its going to be simply fantastic. Currently we are negociating some very complicated wiring which is taking up alot of time but a nice challenge. James
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