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  1. Amplifier "Clipping" only causes distorted sound. It waon't cause cut out. This sounds very much like a heat related problem. One of the componenets is not performing above a certain temperature, probably on the output/drive stage of the amp', or the power supply/regualtor is faulty. If it were a fuse blown, it would stay blown and the amp' would be completely dead and not power up again. Suggest a visit to the dealer as this is a repair/replace job. Col.. (Electronics Engineer) cheers for the reply pal, im going to book it in tomorrow. my warranty is up so i dread to think what this is going to cost if the amp needs replacing.
  2. nobody has experienced or has any advice on this topic?? all fuses checked, mark levinson amp dosent seem to have a fuse that could have popped. this is starting to look like an expensive problem :-(
  3. why would you fix that? it wouldnt be an IS without the rattles and unbearable road noise ( which is because your doors have dropped out of line )
  4. Hi, Around 10 minutes into a 2 hour long journey today my stereo cut off? I was listening to a cd, then i heard a pop/crack from all speakers and lost all sound. After a few seconds it came back on but went back off just as quick. I assumed it was my cd worn out so changed to another disc but got the same result. It also happens when listening to the radio. After trying some different things ( to no avail) i realised that this only happens if the volume is higher than around 28. Has anybody experienced similar problems? I pulled over to turn the engine off and back on to check if the amplifier was "clipping" but thats not the case. Have i blown a fuse? or is it knackered? Any help would be appreciated as listening to the radio below 28 with the road noise in an IS250 is impossible! I dont want to take it to Lexus if its just a fuse etc.
  5. The Lexus Bluetooth is very basic compared to some cars.Would be even a bit better if you could browse the phonebook and directory. So if you use your work phone, you get work contacts, if wife uses her pink Samsung in the IS when she is driving, she get's all her friends contacts, etc. That would be much better in my opinion. gunther, it does do what your saying here!
  6. as somebody has already stated, the iphone will use all the original contacts so stick your sim in another phone (sonyerricson if possible) then register the iphone and your done. you will have problems with people hearing you properly when using the iphone (as i do). as you may have noticed, the iphone is great for all the stuff most phones CANT do, but isnt that good with the basic stuff (like calling people or texting!) also a thin layer of denim/cotton etc. (a pocket) can render the iphone "out of reach" all things that are the iphones fault as my s/ek850i was perfect for the lexus.
  7. quality post, and saved this link! hopefuly i will do this soon. as if the fact that i dont have leather dosent hurt me enough, all headrest monitors come in leather headrests :-(.
  8. i have seen quite a few with this done so i would imagine its possible with no holes etc. on other cars i have used an old credit card to remove the sticky residue left behind with no scratches. i may well do this over the christmas holidays! i will post photos if anybody wants to use mine as a guinea pig!!
  9. only has 5 digit postcode search as i believe there is a liscence fee involved ( by lexus ) to offer 7? new BMW have 7 digit, but it wont work properly so dont worry :-)
  10. there is another hack somewhere on here, you turn your lights on and off a few times etc. but i have not tried it as i cant see any real benefits from it? i have unlocked the dvd whilst driving etc, but that DOES NOT alow you to enter destinations to the sat nav whilst moving contarary to popular belief!
  11. The site is getting more and more packed with bad points/cons/pet hates etc. Many of which usualy ring a bell (oh yes mine does that anoying thing too, or yes my dealer unfortunately said that). Lets bring back the threads of good points and joy! BMW drivers reading this must feel smug, lets get it back on a good note!!! I.E. ( and this is true and not just an example) I had my IS250 30k service done for free because i queeried the fact that the book was not stamped for the 20k one which it turned out had been done!! and they still valeted it. (Lexus Liverpool)
  12. add mr to the list of rattle suffering owners! mine comes i think from behind the mm screen and after gradualy getting worse is now not so slight a rattle. i may even start not wearing my seat belt as the sound of the belt alarm has to be less anoying???
  13. ive "unlocked" the dvd in motion thing and some times leave dvds on for my daughter to watc whilst im driving. beware though, doing this causes the phone menu to start as if you were stopped, but the straight to speed dial it "normaly" does is far better and the destination input part of the sat nav dosent unlock anyway!! slightly dissapointing after a couple of hours graft and chopping your wiring loom!
  14. my 250 has the "ski hatch" and its just the is250 but with MM pack. if that helps??
  15. nothing at all on here works to get rid of the most annoying sound in the world!!! ive tried everything on the net, and although many seem to work on US models etc. im yet to find one that works in the UK :-(
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