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  1. I dont see why anyone would do that, bound to make more money selling on ebay with no reserve. I sold my mams Primera on ebay for £550, webuyanycar offered £45 lol
  2. hodaz

    Wanted Is 200 Unfortunately an auto, but fits the bill perfectly otherwise if you can compromise.
  3. My auto (unmodified) can get about 35mpg motorway driving. However my daily commute to work along back streets and involving lots of traffic lights/stopping and starting it does about 10mpg to be honest.
  4. Regardless of what any figures say, the Saxo VTR and VTS will be much faster, so will virtually any proper hot hatch. IS200's are reliable smooth comfortable family cars but also big, slow and boring. Rubbish on petrol and very impractical for a big car too. If you want something fast and fun or a drifter don't buy one, simples. I'm not meaning to sound negative, but if people take their rose tinted glasses off I'm sure they can see the limitations of it.
  5. I wonder if it will be any good? Pretty much everyone I know is fairly unhappy with their new IS's due to build quality issues.
  6. Spotted this on the bay, thought it might be of use. Seems cheap as its not advertised very well!
  7. As for the stuck in CD's if you take the back cover off you can just push them out with a screw driver. It might be worth cleaning and putting back together and seeing if it still happends.
  8. hodaz

    New Alloys

    You need to drop the company an email and find out what the offset and width is.
  9. hodaz

    New Alloys

    The first set definately wont fit as the offsets are too high and widths too wide, and the second will stick past the front arches by quite a lot.
  10. How to keep the Nav working, just did this myself at weekend and definately works. Basically a series of diodes and resistors on a PCD board that tricks the nav into thinking the standard headunit is still there by creating the correct resistance. You will also need an "amp bypass cable" off ebay.
  11. Just to let everyone know did this today and it definately does work. Big thanks to Anders for posting it up.
  12. You need a Rockford Fosgate 360 signal proccessor. I've got one and it works a treat. Although in a way I regret buying it as 6 months after fitting I got the usual ERR3 code from my stock headunit so I'm having to change anyway.
  13. I've got mine lowered about 80mm front and 100mm on the rear. Also got mine set at about 20% hardness on the damping, which does me fine. I dont really have any clearance issues, the underbody scrapes all the time but its only the plastic covers, if I've got two people on the back the exhaust hits over speedbumps.
  14. I have a silver one, but got to say black is by far the best colour.
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