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  1. is it the V8 version? regardless, still would be an amazing car
  2. worth changing battery if you don't know the history of it. they are not that expensive but make sure you get the correct one as batteries have different dimensions. lots of posts regarding battery on this forum. if and when you get your new battery, put a sticker on the side with the date, then you will always know when you changed it. you'd be surprised just by changing the battery how many little things it can remedy. my car happens to be the SE-L version, when you look at how many features the car has, it has to be powered by something!
  3. hi all, the fault light went off 4 days after. not sure what it was. I put it down to the cold snap at the time. its been running fine ever since. however, I did clean the MAF sensor which I've never done in the 9 years I've had the car. upon inspection the MAF sensor did not look like it had any dark patches or carbon on it. regardless, I gave it a good spray with sensor cleaner. day after car was running fine. however on the second day I noticed the car was "eager." a touch more responsive in acceleration. I know it could be placebo or maybe the temperature rose by a degree or 2. any way according to internet and this forum, its worth cleaning the MAF sensor periodically. on sunday I drove from Gatwick to my home which was all motorway driving, no issues, car smooth. one last thought, I probably need to think about changing the spark plugs. thanks
  4. dear all, thanks so much for your contributions! some really good insight, and there was some contributions where my thinking was the same. @08ISF GSF!!! holy cow that's some serious hardware, if you have time please post some photos! @gb1600e You made me laugh! you devil!!! just to give you some background, I originally owned a GS300 MK1 sport, then moved on to the IS250 SE-L which im still driving now. the reason why I haven't changed cars yet, is there is nothing tempting me to sell up and go after. the good thing about this is I can indulge in going through all the major makes in my mind without committing. most of the time, its just a passing fad. so far my i'm showing interest in the following: IS300H F-sport GS450h F-sport NX300h F-sport ISF I've driven the GS450 and its a beast! I test drove the ISF when lexus did an open day in Barnet about ten years ago. but it wasn't enough time to truly "drive" the car some of you above mentioned that you bought out warranty with lexus, is that right? does that cover anything specific? please feel free to add some more of your experiences and thoughts thanks
  5. Hi all, I always wanted a sporty car, I think we all do. comparing models and makes, a used ISF still comes up value for money. however, is it just crazy owning a car like this in todays economic climate. by this I mean, the tax is about £535 a year, cost of maintenance, any repairs that might come up in an 08/09 model, insurance (im 44 years old) I can't see a resale value in this car, so if I buy one, im stuck with it, with little resale value. then we hear that congestion charge in London going up for certain cars. possibility of a congestion charge on the north circular A406!. you can apply this to any V8 car over the last 10 years. I've even contemplated getting an aston martin if the running costs are going to be the same!!! i'd like your opinions on this and what your thoughts are thanks
  6. hi all, on Monday morning I had a VSC come on. after the car warmed up and I drove it. I went off. no problem. Tuesday morning VSC light on all day. because im in local traffic im just pottering along. no issues with the car. drives normal. no strange noises Wednesday morning VSC light still on. again driving to work, no issues. I did accelerate where I can and the car still had the same pull. in the afternoon I managed to run an OBD scan. results attached. 16:00 park up at gym. 19:00 I get into car to go home, no VSC warning! drove home, no issues, car performing the way it normally does. last weekend I did a motorway run for 20 mins, nothing too abnormal. not sure if its anything to do with the cold snap. obviously i'll see what happens tomorrow morning. in case photo does not work codes are: P0300, P0301, P0303, P0102, P0113. I did a quick check on google, but doesn't really explain much. I was wondering if any of you had this and what do the codes translate to thanks very much in advance finest1
  7. hi texas, yes, speaking to the auto electrician he said that generally Lexus are well built cars, with very little issues. when there is an issue it can be diagnosed quickly. in the 8 years I've had the car this is the only major issue I've ever had where the car broke down on me. in my case there was no warning at all, it just konked out. he actually kept the old diodes shoe to show me where it had slowly burnt out. yes the repairs could have been a joke, but both ways I needed an auto electrician to give me a report as to what is going on before making a decision. he was really informative, no dramas, honest and upfront. he's definitely someone im going to use in the future!! when I asked him if this would happen again, he said there is no guarantees on any car at any age. for this to be the only major incident in the 8 years of this car, im fortunate!
  8. thanks dan, yes, I was hoping for someone more local
  9. hi all, I thought I'd give you an update: the diodes on my alternator had slowly started to burn out over the years. this overloaded the secondary fuse box and caused a short circuit. so it was the relationship between the alternator and the actual fuse box. I must say the auto electrician was brilliant! he also reconditioned the alternator for me. car is purring again this morning!! the actual cause: wear and tear, he highlighted the fact that the car is 12 years old and parts would age. thanks for your contributions
  10. thanks Herbie, that's what the AA guy done. he boosted the battery for a while, but car wouldn't start. I got an auto engineer coming tomorrow, i'll update you how it goes
  11. thanks Hadrian, AA guy checked earthing around battery and from alternator, it passed not sure if its battery, as the battery indicator never lit up previous to this event. it usually does in the past. the AA guy checked battery also. furthermore a work colleague helped me by attaching booster cables, for 15 mins
  12. hi all, I was driving to work as normal and I noticed the electric displays in the car getting "dim." I was in local traffic and noticed the car battery light come on to. then the sat nav screen went off and I assumed it was the battery. the illuminated dials went off too. strangely when I accelerated the displays came back. anyway later the car had actually switched off whilst driving, no engine no electrics. I managed to coast to the side of the road. actions: I called the AA and the chap did his diagnostic. in his opinion there is no mechanical failures of the alternator or starrer motor. he said its electrical. because this was beyond his capabilities, he advised me to find an auto electrician. further to this when he went to attach the OBD scanner, it couldn't read the port, or maybe no power going into the port. I'd thought I'd post this in case anyone has experienced this or can lend a hand in troubleshooting. i'll list some observations when you push the start button only the dials illuminates with the dashboard, no sat nav screen. the brake pedal is hard not soft and car wont turn over yes: front headlights hazard lights dash display no: sat nav screen radio central locking power mirrors rear light brake lights any ideas welcome!! thanks in advance
  13. hi all, I got a bugbear to share with you. I was on the M4 and M25 last weekend. we went through a patch of roadworks that had average speed cameras set at 50MPH. while I felt was a good time to check and use my cruise control set at 50, other cars are overtaking me. do these cars get a ticket or penalty. its just frustrating cruising at 50 but others are not. just annoying really... so what's the deal with it?