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  1. hi all, my car is covered in very light scratches, hazing and swirl marks. does anyone know any good detailers in the north London area they would recommend?
  2. finest1

    VVT rattle on start

    hi all, update: can't hear the rattle when starting up. next oil change I will request engine flush. as it happens, do any of you do your own oil change? is there any tutorials/videos that show how to do this properly? thanks
  3. finest1

    no shims??

    yeah about those shims, somehow I don't think this is correct, it doesn't look right...does it?
  4. finest1

    VVT rattle on start

    ok, lexus changed the oil for me at the time (they gave me an intermediate service for £99!) not sure if they flushed the engine though. ok, so it should iron itself out. good to know thanks!
  5. finest1

    no shims??

    ive seen a lexus shim kit for £34. is that any good. if I went with the anti squeal pad or tape where do I place these exactly?
  6. finest1

    no shims??

    thanks for the replies!
  7. finest1

    VVT rattle on start

    hi all, I went to lexus woodford yesterday to get the recall done on my air bag. they did a vehicle inspection. they told me that my VVT rattles on startup. they said it wasn't nothing to worry about but would charge £180 to investigate. what is it and is it something I need to be concerned about thanks in advance finest1
  8. finest1

    no shims??

    hi all, I went to lexus woodford yesterday to get the recall done on my airbags. they did a vehicle inspection. they told me brakes were fine but no shims?? when I left I was wondering if that is why my brakes squeal at really low speed? also, when my brakes were changed last year, the mechanic would have put the shims back on. I remember looking at the floor when he finished, there was nothing left over. should I look to get these shims? thanks finest1
  9. hi all, I hope you've had a great BH ! I noticed today my electric seats (driver) makes a very loud noise when sliding forwards and backwards. the way I can explain it, is it "struggles" almost like a battery driven power tool struggles as the battery loses power. I've inspected the tracks and squirted some WD40 on it. it didn't calm the sound down. compared to the passenger side which is silent and fast when adjusting. anyone know what this is and how to remedy? car: lexus IS250 SE-L thanks in advance finest!
  10. hi all is300h F-sport, do they come in 18" tyres. I remember when they first came out I read on the spec list it was 17", but lately I have seen a good few on the road (13-15 reg) with what I think were wider tyres. going on autotrader it shows up as 18" tyres configuration what tyres you got?
  11. finest1

    squealing brakes at low speeds

    thanks for all your replies. brakes are still squealing. @normski2no, didn't do the upstream. car is running really well though when I visit my sister I will do the brakes then, I use her garage
  12. finest1

    squealing brakes at low speeds

    hi, I tried the above. the car eventually just stops, no jerks or sudden stops. did it on a flat road.
  13. thanks for the replies. just to give you some feedback: I carefully moved the mirror by hand up and down. you will hear a grating noise which sounds worse than it is. I then went inside the car and flicked the L and R mirror switch back and forth a few times. I then put the car on and put in reverse. the mirrors tilted. so I then put the car in park and moved it with the cursor. it worked. but this weekend it went sticky again, so not exactly a fix, but did get it moving again. @Comedian that's a great tip! agree it is not in the manual. I always wondered why it wouldn't tilt fully and how does I cater for taller or shorter people. now we know!! how on earth did you work that out??
  14. finest1

    squealing brakes at low speeds

    ok I will give this a try I've had the car since 2010. I'm not sure when the pins were checked. it had a service with lexus in july this year
  15. finest1

    squealing brakes at low speeds

    thanks all, @is200newbie he did check for seized calliper when he changed the front disks. he also checked the rear for seized and found no indication. he also asked to drive slowly down a slope in neutral. if it doesn't roll freely then I have seized caliper. I tried it and it rolled fine