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  1. blimey! I paid my local mechanic to do it as I was having back issues at the time. he did it infront of me and in about 20 mins. cant remember how much I paid but it was £100 labour, I supplied the parts
  2. @Tyre Tread do you have any walkthroughs or video material of changing the spark plugs? was it difficult?
  3. hi all 2006 lexus IS250 SE-L auto I would like to remove the front 2 seats to give the leathers a real good clean and clean the carpets underneath I've had a good look around the seats and it looks simple, however I am weary of the electrics part of it as it has memory seats, heated and cooling functions and also an airbag sensor. can these seats be removed? im looking for any vids, or detailed walkthroughs many thanks finest1
  4. you changed your alternator? that would be handy if you did a walkthrough!!
  5. impressive Ahmed !! im so used to folding the mirrors when I leave the car I don't think I could get used to this! however I think its great. one thing though. I use the keyless function, where I walk to the car with the fob in my pocket. I lightly touch the handle and the car unlocks. can that unfold the mirror too, rather than use the fob?
  6. I've owned mine since 2010 (2006). apart from normal service, brake changes etc. I've only had one major issue, alternator went in 2018. that is the only major issue. apart from that car is solid, no issues, one of the best cars ive owned. I may have to sell it this year if you are interested. im looking to upgrade to another lexus (hybrid) PM me
  7. my alternator packed up a year ago (2006 model) so 12 years. If it is on your mind, I would look now for replacement ones and how much they cost, who will install it etc. a good mechanic and/or auto electrician could do this for you. salvage yards maybe a good idea. im really impressed with your mileage. how does the car run? mines hit 122k. no issues! smooth as anything!
  8. I recently replaced my battery with a bosch battery the battery code is: S4 026 Bosch Car Battery 12V 70Ah Type 068 S4026 bought from tayna batteries online hope that helps
  9. thanks all, I just bought the Bosch S4026 068 for £78 delivered!
  10. hi all, my battery is slowly dying. it was flat today, managed to get a boost start. my records show battery is 5 years old I saw this battery and pretty much think its correct. however, quick question: the terminals on the photo is the other way round. my positive is on the left. also, terminals are forward, mine are at the rear. Do I simply just turn the battery around? Lexus IS250 SEL 2006 automatic Petrol thanks
  11. is it the V8 version? regardless, still would be an amazing car
  12. worth changing battery if you don't know the history of it. they are not that expensive but make sure you get the correct one as batteries have different dimensions. lots of posts regarding battery on this forum. if and when you get your new battery, put a sticker on the side with the date, then you will always know when you changed it. you'd be surprised just by changing the battery how many little things it can remedy. my car happens to be the SE-L version, when you look at how many features the car has, it has to be powered by something!