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  1. would you be able to give me the settings, i have a good mate who is a mechanic at a tyre/exhaust centre. just that your a bit far for me to come down to you! hope i'm not being too cheeky! steve
  2. cheers mate, dont think i'll be lowering mine enough to need a kit. just wondered what needs sorting on front to stop tyre wear? steve
  3. Mmm, what to do? i'll stick with my engine i like the fact it's a 6 pot 2ltr. Prob look into either turbo or supercharging next year and upgrade other parts ready!! :) steve
  4. hi, just wondered what the difference between the Altezza rs200 and the is200 engine wise is? Is the is upgadable to altezza spec or is it not worth it due to cost? steve
  5. Hi, i have just seen a rear camber kit on ebay, item number( 230233214777). Due to the probs with tyre wear on IS200'S is it due to the rear settings that are the prob with these cars? steve
  6. hi and welcome mate! :) steve
  7. thanks wozza, just needed to know as garage i got is from is getting me a replacement. Might see if they want to give me cash and i'll buy a head unit instead.. steve
  8. Hi, my 99 model has the cd unit with the disc slot at the botom. Does the newer version with the cd slot at the top retro fit mine? Mine has error3 showing and the garage i bought it from are going to replace it for me! when they find a working cd unit! :) steve
  9. hi mate, welcome from another newbie!
  10. Thanks peeps, will put a pic on soon as i work it out! steve
  11. hi all, bought my is200 se 3 weeks ago and love it. was a bmw owner for a few years and wanted a change but had to be rear wheel drive! :) anyway just thought i'd say hello now i've made myself a member... oh, bought my first accessory last night!! a cat back blue flame exhaust. steve
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