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  1. thanks guys, i was just wondering, still on first tank of juice, but i have stuck foot down a few times....oh the will be pleased if i get 300
  2. Hi just wondering how many miles i will get to a tank of petrol on my IS 200 auto
  3. Headrests :) Orginaly I'd planned to fit a freeview box to the kenwood, but to be honest it seemed a bit like overkill. I'd love to fit an xbox (modded) into the boot somehow without getting rid of the spare, I've got a couple of chipped xbox's knocking around that could do with a home! But I'm not 100% sure what I'd do with them. Could either run a video input to the kenwood (and therefore use XBMC from the xbox) or treat the xbox like a USB hard drive as another media source (on top of the ipod) EDIT: HID's are also on the list, but I know absolutely nothing about them, how to fit, whats good, price etc etc, so it's probably going to the back of the list nice stereo install i have a Kenwood DDX6029 i took out of my pajero when i sold it, i am considering fitting it in the lex but the standard stereo works fine and i am happy with quality etc
  4. cheers mate, my mitsi had all of the buttons illuminated
  5. ok had my lex for a week now (IS 200) took it out in dark tonight noticed that the switches for elec windows dont light up only one switch lights up it says automatic and the door lock sysmbol lights up also, is this correct or are all the switchs supposed to illuminate
  6. i have a double din Kenwood DDX 6092 touch screen can i mount this straight into the lexus
  7. i know downer thats is but i will still love my IS i am sure, i dont want to ride round in a 1.1 fiesta and pay £100 a year car tax
  8. Collected my car from Lexus Teeside today and it looks the business apart from the dealer didnt tell me about a scratch on the bonnet that someone has tried to touch in and looks **** anyway got some cash of so i can afford to get it sorted locally, drove it home and wow what a motor, i have been driving a diesel 4x4 for the last 7 yrs but boy does this motor and so comfortable, i love it..
  9. thanks for the replies i have a red defender mate, but dont worry i had a pajero and disco too,
  10. here are some pics just sold this for it thanks for the warm welcome guys
  11. well sod me i am collecting my 2003 is 200 tomorrow and the tax is going to be £415!!! just sold my 4x4 at £180 tax a year whats going on think it is too late to back out now i have paid £500 deposit on the car hope its good
  12. Greetings everyone i am taking delivery of my Lexus IS 200 limited edition tomorrow, hope i wont be disapointed.
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