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  1. yer i suppose so its just frustrating coz i hate leaving things to the last minute then the car wouldnt start after they had been but never mind its sorted now
  2. just a rant :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: my mot was due on 1st september i knew it would fail on at least 1 tyre and 2 where close to the limit so decided to get a complete set. on the 19/8 i bought a full set of falken fk 452 tyres from blackcircles and arranged to get them fitted on the 27/8, i also contacted the fitting centre and arranged for them to do an mot at the same time. saturdays the only day i can take my car due to work. on friday 26/8 at 5pm blackcircles call to say the tyres have not arrived at the fitting centre and the delivery company dont do saturday deliveries and to reorganise next week ( bank holiday weekend) i explain about my mot and work commitments so the only option available to me was a mobile tyre fitter to call at my home address and for me to arrange someone to be there, the first available slot was 1/9 mot day. the tyre fitter came as promised and fitted the tyres no problem i thought, i came home from work started the car except it wouldnt start after a bit of research i found the car wasnt recognising my key due to the car being dropped when lowered ( my friend heard the bang ) luckily the car started with a spare key. its a shame i had a bad experience when there are so many good reviews maybe i was just unlucky wont be using them again to find out though.
  3. 37684


    this is good info mine are due an i think am goin with the 452's
  4. clicking usually means new battery, duno about the cd
  5. i ordered 215/45/17 on sunday from roofbox an they had low stocks then so must have run out, recieved them yesterday
  6. thats good to know i had to abandon my lexus, ordered 2 sets coz i never want to get stuck again ha ha
  7. anyone use them?
  8. a few months ago i had 2001 with 93k on the clock, it got wrote off insurance paid me £3600 at that time they were going for between £3 and £3.5k
  9. i had this problem with 1 wheel a good clean is all it needed
  10. just had my cambelt changed £299, service £206 all done by lexus
  11. just got this quote of lexus £206 for a 20,000 mile service and £299 for timing belt & tensioner that includes loyalty discount, got it booked in for monday
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