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  1. my drivers side window squeeks like mad when going down but its fine going up... any ideas????
  2. and you have the comedic attributes of a potatoe.
  3. But yet the same respect doesn't apply to me? Why's that then? I spoke my mind, since a certain member above has done nothing but be an antagonist, and if he was really that perturbed about me being a trader, he'd have just hit the Report button without saying a word. He was spoken to in the manner which he deserved, since it's all so very easy to throw about accusations without one shred of proof - which he still can't offer! get a life you geek
  4. out of interest is there any alloys from other makes of car that will fit the is 200??
  5. surely they can be custom made from scratch, but id expect they would cost a fortune tho
  6. i dont know about you lot but i think the new audi rs4 alloys look fantastic.. ive found a couple of sites that specialise in replica wheels but there is no option for the rs4 style for the is200.... has anyone seen or heard of replicas to fit the is200???
  7. do you still have the 18s lexus wheels??
  8. well i cant get fm on my standard stereo and havent touched the ariel. AM works fine. my grand father knows alot about audio stuff n he rekons that am/fm need seperate circuit boards, AM uses a detector whilst FM uses a discriminator to receive frequencies,and that it needs demodulating,,, he used alot of other big words i didnt understand but basically its f####d!!!!
  9. try looking on,sure ive seen it on there.
  10. no its standard height, dont think i could lower the front end too much as the lip is quite low, plus theres loads of speed bumps in town
  11. sorry people, having trouble posting any pics... will keep trying!
  12. yes i got one from epracing about 8mth ago, garage told me it went on fine, there is some slight filling on the top corners but overall it fits good... and yes it looks great. alot better than the trd lip imo.think you should def get one. take a look at my photos will put some on in a mo.
  13. think 40mm might be too much as ive got the trust front lip/spoiler on mine and there is about 84,000 speed bumps around town.. how much would you want for them anyway???
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