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  1. Bu**er. Just seen this topic. Would have been seriously interested is an IS200 cover. Are there any none purchased items or is there any likelyhood of future purchases as I am interested.
  2. Just given the car a good clean, and noticed despite my best efforts the seagull excrement remains as a stain on the paint. Now I know black is a beautiful colour when clean, but it is hard to maintain. The car had the dealer option of supaguard, at the moment I don't know what is super about it or how it guards it, but if I cannot remove the stains it will be going back to the garage as they said any paint problem will be rectified as part of the supaguard protection policy. Before I do that and before I buy a cover, does anyone have experience or removing/curing this problem. Comments appreciated.
  3. I don't rely on mine any more. First time I used them my front number plate nudged my sons pride and joy and pushed his bumper in. They are more effective for potential side collisions, maybe they should be renamed side sensors.
  4. Looks good to me. I've always thought that with a red car black touches finishes it off nicely.
  5. My brother-in-law is a ex LGV tutor and has spent most of his life in the transport sector. When I took delivery of my car from new, he mentioned DPS4 recommended it and told me where to get it. Picking up on the DPS discussions on this site I bought some, well two bottles actually as they were £7.50. From the first refill I have added it using only supermarket diesel. I run the car in according to the manual and did not use the motorway until it had reached 1000 miles. The car has now covered 2000 miles and today filled her up and did just over 100 miles round trip using mainly motorway, tried to keep it to 80mph, got a tank average of 41.5mpg, with ave speed 59mph. I'm quite pleased with that. I assume consumption will get better and the car runs really smooth and is quiet. Not sure if this is down the the engine or DSP4, but I'm sticking with it.
  6. I've been lusting after another R32, and as one of the Lexus dealerships had an 08 for sale I decided to test the water. They offered 6 grand below my new purchase price in 4 months, similar deal with vw resulted in a further £500 drop, and the we will buy your car internet site was a whopping 10 grand below. At this rate the car will be worthless by the end of my first year of ownership. Incidentally the dealers aren't to keen to drop the prices of their stock as quickly. VW dealer comment on trying to beat them down was 'we cant drop the price any more as we'd be losing too much money, what about the poor old punter who keeps them in business then. Crazy times we live in.
  7. I just wanted to add a comment based on personal experience. My other cars are an E90 330 Coupe and R32 which have all the performance I could ever wish for. I've also owned a 330d and several VAG diesels. When the BMW had to go in for some warranty work I was loaned a 320d for 3days. It wasn't until I had the Lexus demo for a morning, that my mind went back to driving the 320d. My immediate impressions were that apart from the BMW engine, the 220d was in every way a much better car to live with. I took the Lexus back to the dealers and ordered the 220Sport on the spot. Economy was not a big issue as far as I was concerned, more important was brand reliability and the satisfaction of the driving experience. I had the car for about 6 week now and I'm loving it?
  8. Hi Matt. I bought my 220d Sport from Cheltenham Lexus at the beginning of April. I see you joined in Feb 08, how old is your car? I've also followed the 5th Injector thread on this site, will my car have already been dealt with or is it likely to be recalled. Are there any clues
  9. use std fuel plus dps4,see thread diesel power sport 4. Bought two bottles of Dps4 yesterday for about £7 each. Put 4 measures in and topped the tank up again. Done 150 miles, computer now says tank average 40.4mpg. Also gave the car a degrease clay and hard soft wax. Boy does it gleam. Off to the Indian Ocean for some R&R, interested to see what mpg come from the trips to the airport. Manual says to let the engine tick over for two mins after such a journey to help turbocharger. Any experiences here?
  10. Thanks for all the comments. The salesman said the the sticker may have been put on in error, whatever the car is very definately a sport. I was very tempted to go for the Cadoxton Slate with MM, but didn't want to hit my savings too hard, plus my last four cars have been metallic and the grief I have had when needing a touch up, car park dings, not my fault, drove me mad. So have opted for a solid colour, yesterday when on the drive the looked like a mirror. I have to admit I dont have a lot of confidence in supa guard, but it was done cheaply and my main concern was the interior, I am guaranteed spill damage (which hopefully will not happen) will be treated, failing that replaced. I don't really want to try this option, but I have the cover. Only town driving at the mo, 29mpg, only 50 miles! Any advice on correct fuel, forgot to ask the dealer?
  11. well done on your purchase,let me just say you would be better off using the carlacke system first then wax as this will protect against paint burns caused by bird droppings,the wax alone will not. The dealer treated it with supaguard inside and out, hope that gives me decent protection.
  12. Collected my brand new IS 220d Sport this morning (the door sticker says 220SE!). Black with black interior. Absolutely delighted. Surprised that it had a full tank of fuel, I probably paid for it in the delivery charge. I had a sport diesel for a good test drive and was happy with it. Having driven other diesels I think this one is very quiet, and if it intrudes into the cabin the audio will blow it away. Having ordered the car, got mighty depressed with all the comments about fuel economy and 5th injector issues. Still my last car only gave me 20mpg so this has got to be an improvement. The brochure goes nowhere near to explaining all the little toys including heated wiper elements in the windscreen. So as far as day one is concerned, deep joy. Tomorrow it is getting the carnuba wax treatment. :)
  13. Hi All. I'm new to the forum, but would like to add to this topic. Firstly, last week I decided to replace my 4wd with an IS 220D Sport, pity I didn't go to the dealers then, because the value of my car has plumetted to the tune of several thousand in PX value following the budget. Lexus dealer would not budge on trade in, so I will have to sell privately. Having had a 220d Sport to drive yesterday morning, with MM, consequently today I ordered a new 220d Sport minus multi media courtesy of the low trade in issue. I guess the reversing camera is a novelty and my mileage is low and possess a very good touch screen TomTom. Cutting to the chase having owned a 3.2 V6 with the inherent £400 Road Robbery, sorry, Tax. Thought I'd go back to diesel, I loved the car and can happily cope with the drop in power/acceleration, there's too many speed cameras and ANPR vans around here. Horses for courses. Lexus also very kindly knocked off a couple of thousand on the new price facilitating a deal. Look forward to picking it up before the end of the month.
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