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  1. My 53 plate IS200 LE is just coming up to 59k miles and I understand from a few threads here that 60k is the right time to chamge the cam belt. Can anyone suggest what kind of price I should be expecting to be charged for this and anywhere you recomend in the West/South Yorks area to get it done. Many thanks
  2. Servicing my car for the first time and had a quote from a local independant service centre (not Lexus) for a service which includes nrmal Oil andoil filter change. Having reads some posts here I have ordered myself some spark plugs and air/pollen filters from the Tinterweb with a view to changing the air ilters myself and getting the garage to swap the plugs for me. I suspect that these guys don't often see a Lexus so what else should I be asking them to do at a 50k service. As you might guess I am trying to keep costs to a minimum. :winky: Appreciate your feedback. Cheers........
  3. Cheers Stav Sounds reasonably simple, I'll give it a go. May post back if I got stuck. :duh: Many thanks
  4. Hi Bit of a car maintanence beginner. Have seen filters advertised on ebay but am nervous about changing them myself. Is it hard ? Has anyone posted instructons on changing the air filter and pollen filter which you could direct me to? Or can anyone gve me some instruction? Many thanks.......
  5. Cheers Gord, much appreciated :D Am not that far from Glossop as it happens. Kazzi, do I sense a Southerner amongst us? Nice one anyway. :P
  6. Not heard from anyone on this one, is there no one posting here from God's own county? :D
  7. Hi All I am looking for some advice please. I live in West Yorks and am looking for a recommendaton as to where I should try for servicing. I bought the car in April this year and this is the first time I have needed to get it serviced. The car is a 2003LE manual, has done 50K miles and is likely to require new brake pads as well as an MOT. I am therefore concerned to not get my trousers taken down on the price of parts. Any advice on good quality service centres or independant garages that can be relied upon or a good service at an affordable price would be very much appreciated. Thanks :D
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses and fro the offer of assistance BigDave but I am not really confident enough to start tacklng this myself. As the last wner of my car had it serviced independantly last year when the warranty expired I see no point in going back to a main dealer now or they wil have my trousers down with the list of items that I absolutely must have........ Can anyone recommend an independant servicng agent or network in West or South Yorks area for a reasonably priced good quality annual service. If not then please share your experiences as to what I should be looking out for. What might I be offerred to replace that I can live without and what should I definetly etc..... Many thanks B)
  9. Hi My 53 plate IS200 LE manual is coming up to 48,000 miles and requiring a service next month. I bought the car in April and this is the first tme I have serviced it. I lve in the Huddersfield area and would appreciate any reccomendations as to where to go for servicing. What should I look out for? What would be a good target price? Also would you recommend a timing belt change yet? Thanks for your help. :D
  10. Found a chap on Ebay who appears to have a plentyful supply of sports grills. I have contacted him and he claims to be able to supply in Kodiak Sky. With delivery he is looking for £71 Sounds expensive at first if typical dealer price in another colour is £35, but how much would painting cost? Is this a reasonable price? Cheers. Ebay item - sports grill
  11. Thanks, definitely interested, what are the details?
  12. Hi I recently posted about my stone magnet front grill which since I bought my IS200 LE 4 weeks ago seems to have taken some stick on the motorway and now looks like it's peppered with silver paint flecks. Some peole have suggested swappng the grill for a sports mesh one. I have not contacted a Lexus dealer yet but lookng on ebay they all seem to be colour coded and as the sport was not available in the LE colour , Kodiak Sky, it seems like it maight be a tough/expensive task sourcing one. Does anyone have any experience here that they can share? Can the Lexus dealers source what I am after in the right colour and if so any idea of price? Some people suggest circa £35 but that sounds cheap for a main dealer. Or can you suggest where else I should look?. Many thanks B)
  13. Thanks for all the replies. :D Pictures of the sport grill look great, and would be the ideal option if available in the right colour. My LE is in Kodiak Sky so colour could be an issue. Anyone seen any other after market options? Cheers Everyone.
  14. Thanks for the reply Gord. :D Is that £35 from a Lexus dealer or is that an after market part and if so where from? Does anyone else know of a replacement grill made of a more chip resistant material? By the way the easier to fit the better as I am not mechanically skilled by any means. Cheers
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