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  1. Hi one of my front parking sensors has been pushed in slightly on my Gs450h F-Sport. does anyone have any instructions on how best to get to the back of it to snap it back into its mount? It's currently just pushed in on one edge. Hopefully it's not a bumper off job! Any help gratefully received. Regards Pete
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  3. Hi, My 2012 450h f-sport is very tail happy. I know its RWD and that I don't hang around, but it does seem to 'step out' without much warning at all, and at a point I would have thought that there was more tolerance. To be honest, it's good fun, but it also catches me out sometimes. Clearly the batteries are over the rear axles and the laws of physics will take over, but I am curious as to whether anyone has put dedicated winter tyres on a GS450h and did it make a difference? Cheers Pete
  4. Sports seats are red pitted leather (with comfort cooling) but wings are adjustable.
  5. I'm near Ringwood, so happy to meet up with anyone passing Anyway, here's the car - a few niggles: Voice command is crap. Sports seats aren't comfortable. Can't set auto door locking (UK restrictions). but... goes like stink.
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    GS450h F-Sport

    My GS450h F-Sport with ML audio
  7. Am I missing something? The voice command system is next to useless on the 2013 ML equipped GS as it only allows control of the telephone and navigation. The Lexus US site shows it controls climate and playlists but mine certainly doesn't. I can't find a menu setting to extend voice commands beyond the telephone and nav. If it any be extended, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Any ideas? Pete
  8. Hmmm, that's daft. It's a great safety feature when travelling with the kids. Thanks for the info, The manual says that doors unlock in the event of an accident. Use of child locks is an option, so too is the door lock button, but I was told the car did it, so I expect it to do it. I'll go back to the dealer and see what they come up with. Cheers. Yes but not a good safety feather if your involved in a accident and the emergency services cant get into your car.
  9. Hmmm, that's daft. It's a great safety feature when travelling with the kids. Thanks for the info,
  10. Hi My doors aren't locking when the car gets going. There isn't a customisation setting to turn this on or off, but plenty of setting for auto unlock. The dealer says it should be set as standard. Any ideas?
  11. Has anyone else managed to get the latest gen ML / Nav system working with 'Connected Services' and an iPhone (4S or 5)? In anticipation of getting the car on Saturday, I'm reading that the Connected Services require a phone that supports Dial Up Networking profiles which the iphone doesn't, although the Lexus FAQ on Bluetooth settings says that DUN or PAN are required. I will find out for myself on Saturday, but meanwhile, I'm curious to know whether it is possible, specifically with the iPhone? This should allow me to carry out Google searches from the Nav unit via my iphone. Regards Pete
  12. I will check this out and try to help sort it when I pick up my GS450h on Saturday as I want to get this working too. What are the costs for the service, or is it free? What does it enable you to do? (I can't see as I don't have my VIN or device ID yet) There were similar issues with Parot Bluetooth devices which were fixed in IOS updates - maybe worth checking your version. Cheers Pete
  13. Hi, I'm getting a 2013 GS450h with the ML audio upgrade. The demo disc has a naff chopper demo track to show the surround sound experience, which, as an audiophile, got me thinking how I could play some multi channel audio from CD / DVD / USB. The manual suggests that DVD-A is not supported and only CD, WMA & MP3 will be decoded. Has anyone got the ML to play m4a container files (including Apple lossless rips)? How is the multichannel audio demo encoded to give surround experience? I have 5.1 DVD-A but not sure how I could convert it so it would play. Any help gratefully received. Regards Pete
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