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  1. Yer finding a parking space in town can be a bit of a nightmare!
  2. Yer it is a bit bigger than my previous cars lol, Infact it's bigger than my van
  3. Yeah they did buddy, Cheers very much. I'm going to contact the last owner on the V5 and see what he says. No one wud object to getting a call sayin that i was goin to try and restore the car to it's former glory. And yes mate it did come with a V5, But i think it's been resprayed and not in a lexus colour. Hence why i posted on here looking for help. Cheers Chris
  4. Thanks for the welcomes guys and also Jamie YHPM!!
  5. Mate am heavily involved in jap cars lol. The Skyline behind the lexus is mine as well, I know to well about Keighley. Oh great the joys! I'll give them a bell and see what they say cheers Chris
  6. Not exaclty a restore but the front bumper is in one hell of a state and is cracked to bits and such! Plus it has an airbrushed design on the bonnet which is hideous. I thought it was a sticker but sadly it's an actual airbrush design. Can anyone tell me who wud have possibly fitted such a kit is it a uk Job or Jap side kit Cheers Chris
  7. Am not sure TBH, All i know is it needs a lil bit of work and i was hoping someone on here may help me restore it to it's former glory. I will search the past threads as much as possible and keep this thread current hopefully as more people log in someone will recognise it
  8. Any help would be good mate she's needing some TlC. I think the car has been put from pillar to post. The thing is frigging huge it dwarves my skyline lol
  9. Hi all i had the pleasure of Buying this car on Saturday. sadly i do not know anything about it but sadly it isnt quite the car it should or could be I'm lookin for the paint code and some previous history of the car if anyone can Help that be great Cheers chris
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