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  1. I saw the latest Glasses guide valuation for mine... dropped £700 from last month!!! :tsktsk:
  2. Apart from an answer of not alot, I'm horrified what I've just been offered to trade in my '08 plate IS250 SE Auto... anyone had similar experiences?
  3. I test drove an F-Sport on 18" wheels and thought it was great... so much sharper than my IS250SE. Would look to upgrade if the dealer was prepared to do a better deal which, sadly, they weren't :(
  4. MPG on a 250 Auto - I've done 23k miles over 2.5 yrs of all types of driving and the trip now says nearly 33mpg. On a good steady motorway run at 70mph, I can achieve up to 45mpg.
  5. I drove a '59 plate 250 Auto F-sport the other day and that definitely had flappy paddles and they shift up and down without needing to go into Sport mode as required on my 2008 250 SE Auto.
  6. From my understanding, most PCPs end with three options - (1) you buy the car for the GMFV, (2) you hand the car back and (3) you use the car in a part exchange for another one and any equity in the deal is all good for you. The mileage (and condition) becomes an issue if you try option (2) - anything over what you agreed and anything more that "reasonable" wear and tear (my words) can incur cost as part of the hand back. I believe most PCPs are now regulated under the consumer credit agreement which means they also have a hand back clause when 50% of the outstanding finance has been paid - worth checking out to make sure you fully understand what you're getting yourself into!
  7. and what sort of rate is low rate for PCP - I'd say anything sub 8% APR is not bad.
  8. So what is the Platinum pack and when does the financial year end for Lexus :)
  9. I understand there are a few IS incentives on at the moment - some on the cars, some on the finance. Can anyone share recent experiences of what they've achieved?
  10. I understand now that the paddle shifts on newer models will operate even if you don't explicitly set the car into Sport mode on the gearstick. Are there any other changes - for example, does it operated in true manual mode where it will really select the gear you want rather than setting the highest gear you want? Thanks.
  11. What are people being quoted for second services (20k) - does £340 sound reasonable?
  12. Exiled, I tried the instructions but it doesn't seem to work... did you do it yourself following those instructions?
  13. According to the manual, you can get the car to unlock when you select park - has anyone got this to work?
  14. £32k must have been list, right? I payed way of list for mine so at least that's one consolation!
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