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  1. Hello Guys, Is there any body shop with good reputation ? I want to have my bonnet painted and part of my rear bumper. I prefer a body around midlands. If there is anything special in other region please let me know. Many thanks for your attention
  2. Hello Gents, I contacted but I didnt get a response. Do you know where I can find Lexus stickers for calipers? Thank you
  3. Hello Gents, I contacted but I didnt get a response. Do you know where I can find Lexus stickers for calipers? Thank you
  4. Hello Gents, I noticed that my IS220D SE-L, has quite "short" Gears, this is what I mean: 1st gear 20km alsmost 3000rpm the same for 2nd 3rd 4th 5th gear drives up to 120km at 3000rpm I must change to 6th gear above 130-140km/h that means almost 2500rpm I noticed other IS220D have more power transmission, that is, the 5th gear can drive smoothly up to 140++km/h with low revs , lets say 2200-2500, and 6th gear is only used above 150-155km/h. Do you think my IS220 is fitted with a strange differential axis? Thank you
  5. Hello Guys, I noticed that the orange sign - low fuel indication - is not illuminated anymore when I power up all the electronics - engine is still off - When you press the start/stop button all the indications come up and after a few seconds they dissappear, indicating no permanent problems. The low fuel indication is not appeared at all. Did you come across the same problem?
  6. Hello Gents, My IS220d SE-L ('08 reg) is fitted with a gearbox that give 120kM - 5th gear - 2500rpm, 140kM - 6thgear 2500rpm. I have driven other IS200d but they have better ratios 140km 5th 2500rpm. Any reason why? Cheers Lion
  7. Hello Gents, Which engine oil do you recommend for the IS220d ? I used the mobile 0-40W (synthetic),is there anything more appropriate? Another question...have you ever notice your IS220d to consume approximately 0.6litres of oil every 1000 miles? Is that within the tolerance? Thank you
  8. Thank you for your prompt reply. I have driven with 4 passengers, fully loaded, air-condiotion was most of the time turned on. The average speed on German and Italian motorways was 100+miles/hour. I think it is reasonable to consume a bit of engine oil...
  9. I had gone for the 10k miles service before I travel 5k miles this summer, I have just checked the level of the engine oil. It seems quite low just above the lowest limit.The instruments did not indicate any warnings. Do you think it is normal? Have you ever had to top up your engine oil? Thank you Regards Lion
  10. Thank you for your response. I agree with you. It is a disgrace the service they provide to us. The 10k service costs 185 pounds when in Germany for the same car the service costs only 150EUROS. I am thinking seriously to report UK dealers to Lexus in Belgium (Centre of Lexus)
  11. Hello, It is not very clear which type of engine oil to use for the IS220D. Some dealers say that semisynthetic is OK (because it is cheaper for them) others have a different view saying that fully synthetic engine oil is alwasy preferred for big cars. What do you think? Lion
  12. 1/ like PLEWIS said you can dial if you store the numbers in Speed Dial. 2/ this is a safty feature that appear on most if not all Sat Nav and in car Dvd system, factory fitted or after market. 3,4,5/ the Lexus Sat Nav system is not perfect, but i can say its the best i had the chance to use compare to others.
  13. Hello Gents, I have an IS200D 08 Reg. I regreted not to have the satellite navigation -multimedia centre. Does anyone of you have the SatNav installed afterwards? I do not want to have a tom-tom or similar satnav on my windscreen.... Cheers
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