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  1. Hi everyone I finished the race for life in 50 minutes and it took me 5 days to recover, still aching I think I might train for it next year and runn the whole 5k I raised a grand total of £70 (£5 online pledge and £65 cash sponsors) would like to thank everyone who sponsored me and well done to anyone else who took part in the race for life across the country thanks Philippa :)
  2. I have the Vodafone one bit pricey got it when it was full price £30 unlimited downloads is really good I have used it while being a passger in Johns wagon and kept connected for a 2 hour journey. it is ideal for when john is working away uses it for sky anytime and downloading music and movies. I think it gets 3.6 mbps and i soetimes use it when my landline broadband with virgin goes slow. Hope this helps Philippa
  3. *BUMP* just done a practice walk around Pontefract Race Course, it is longer than i thought so come on guys and gals please give generously thanks Philippa
  4. nothing written on the lids :( want to check fuses for radio and amp and cigarette lighter no sound in the car makes every journey twice as long John
  5. Does anyone have a diagram of what fuses are what in the fuse boxes ? thanks John
  6. Hopefully we will be at this one If I am working I am sure one of us will attend John & Philippa
  7. Hi everyone I am doing the Race for Life at Pontefract Race course on sunday. This is the first one I have done. I am not the fittest person in the world and dont usually walk anywhere. I have done a little bit of training and feel confident that I will be able to make the 5k around the race course. If anyone would like to sponsor me in this event please visit my race for life sponsorship page and sponsor me online. thanks for reading and all donations will be gratefully received. thanks Philippa
  8. sorry guys got to work tomorrow but if you are all meeting at 2pm and have a game of bowling I will be there around 4pm hopefully one of you lot might be able to find out why my amp isnt working ;) John and Philippa if you all disappear home at 4pm just send me a text to 07880765677 thanks
  9. I now this is short notice but is anyone going to this? Its at Nostell Priory, Wakefield £6 per day or £10 for the weekend with free camping Philippa
  10. 6th May this happens on the first Tuesday of every month It was a bit cold last time so hopefully this one will be a bit warmer. see you there Philippa
  11. put us down as a deffinate for 27th John & Philippa
  12. We will come to this one if I am not working that weekend. John
  13. I wanted a white one and was lucky that a white one came along at the right time. John
  14. anybody coming to this? I will be there around 6.30 - 7pm
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