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  1. Can't you transfer to the old bill for a couple of years and protect your pension? Give you time to get other things sorted. Not ideal I know.
  2. Gonna get me one of these too.. ..then I can start to hang out with the big boys!!
  3. I think they're great - just ordered two! I also ordered one of these - good for another 20bhp.. Ooh, and also one of these! I'm gonna be hitting 300bhp by the weekend!!
  4. I have a weird vibrating noise when I go from, say, 45 degrees or more left turn when straightening back up. Only happens when straightening up from a left turn, not from right. I wouldn't describe it as a grinding noise tho. My hunch is that it is something to do with the indicator cancelling mechanism. Is this similar to you or not? I posted the question before and got no response so I guess I will have to investigate myself.
  5. The beep is just annoying. The alarm on my Tezza does a double beep when its armed. My other car has a Toad Ai606 and you can select to arm without the beep and I use that every time. Can you not hear the central locking shut? It's enough for me.
  6. Oh dear.. Just read this thread. Guess I won't be getting those decals after all!! (Edit: Oops.. you beat me to it!!)
  7. Ok, have gone right off gold having just seen this.. I reckon I'm gonna go for the silver and get some of those Lextasy black decals to try em out. What sort of price should I be looking to pay for a local grease monkey to switch my wheels and tyres over? Just want a ball park figure in mind before I go to a few places.
  8. That's pretty sexy - nice job. Never tried a clay bar before. I normally use Megs 3 stage. Gonna have to give it a go tho with results like yours.
  9. Thanks for all the pictures guys - really helps. I like black rims but only if there is some nice shiny chrome to go with it and preferably a bit of dish. Silver is certainly the safe choice and I could always check out those Lextasy decals (thanks for the link). I'm still thinking gold might work - scooby owners seem to love it!! If anyone is handy with photoshop I'd love to see gold rims on plat ice body..
  10. Recently landed myself an RS200 Z edition in mint condition, aside from some pretty tatty standard alloys. Just been looking at and reckon I'm gonna go for a refurb - just need to choose my colour. I'm toying between anthracite, gun metal and gold.. or should I just play safe and stick with silver? My car is silver (kinda oyster looking silver actually) with red calipers. In fact, here it is.. Any suggestions are very welcome. Please post pics of your alloys too. I really need to get to a meet and see what people have got!
  11. Ooo.. that pxwheels looks great! My alloys are all pretty badly kerbed. Just need to decide on a colour now!
  12. What are Lepsons prices like? They don't say on their website.
  13. Nice choice. We'll have to meet up some time so we can compare notes on our new cars..
  14. Shame about the DIY bodykit. I bet the girls don't love that..
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