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  1. I have a similar problem with my air suspension. My orange "off" light has just started to blink and the height adjustment has stopped working. How easy are the sensors to access and clean?
  2. I have an 03 rx300 sel and have had two bad experiences with the suspension....the first was sorted as a broken wire found (after a lot of threats about nearly £2000 to fix!) and the second is corrosion around the sensors which leads to bad signals to the computer and the system shows as being turned off.....a good clean of the sensors and some wd40 and a fair amount of prodding etc has don the new sensors yet!
  3. After nearly 6 years of mostly trouble free ownership from new my 54 reg RX300SEL has developed an electrical fault. After not being driven for a week the electric tailgate was opened and the boot loaded but then would not shut from the tailgate button. Further the car won't start - the battery symbol on the dash won't light and the dash controls, electric windows etc also won't operate and the battery itself keeps discharging to flat. With the battery charged the central locking works except for the boot which remains locked. I have replaced about 4 blown fuses (everything was working before) and guess this is a ecu, relay or wire issue - I have found mice have chewed the pollen filter but cannot see any other evidence of the little blighters and don't know when this happened. can anyone help?
  4. My CD on my RX is a bog standard but it gives me these errors from time to time, had a few the last month or so when the car is cold, may be the discs are too cold or when the car warms quickly there may be condensation on the disc which will give a read error. The first few times I had a real problem ejecting the discs until I came upon a simple solution. Turn the unit off Then turn off the engine so that no lights are on on the dash Push down and hold the power button on the cd player, whilst holding it down, turn the key to power up the unit. Remove your finger from the power button, you may need to press again to switch it on. Error should now clear. This has never failed to clear the faults I have had ranging from unreadable discs to un-ejectable discs. Steve A great very many thnanks!!!!!!!!!! You are correct to say the discs were very difficult to eject. I had pressed the eject button many times to no avail, however the next time I turned on the engine they all immediately spewed out (I can't remember but I might well have tried pressing the power button when I turned on the engine button). Subsequently it would not let me reload any cds. You are also absolutely correct about how to clear the error. Your instructions above worked first time. The problem has reoccurred but has again been cleared by your instruction. Sossages is a happy bunny. Happy New Year to you!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Mark Levinson stereo in my 54 reg 300 sel has developed a fault in that the cd player no longer works and displays ERROR CODE 4. Any advice? :shutit:
  6. agree it's uglier. More info @
  7. I don't know if you have seen the Car Online magazine with their video of it (just google 2009 lexus rx as I have on and off for the past year or so)
  8. a sensor in the exhaust had picked up a dodgy oxygen level reading - aparently now sorted and nothing to worry about............ unless it happens again!
  9. Sorry for the long delay in replying, but I've been waiting to give a definitive answer. The dealer had the car from the previous Wednesday to last Monday - no hardship as I was loaned an RX400 to drive to England and back which was very nice - during which time they sorted a couple of ongoing issues I won't bore you with and changed the drivers side rear caliper, returning the car a lot cleaner than when they received it. Even better I have not been presented with a bill. Only trouble is the first time I drove the car afterwards the squeal was still there, if only less frequent (and now seems to pretty much have stopped) so I can only guess another caliper may be slightly sticking on occasion. It's nearly a week now since they promised to get back to me with when they will take the car back to have another look but previous experience tells me not to hold my breath so I am a little bit in a quandry are my brakes ok or aren't they? Not entirely sure how I should proceed.
  10. Jon keep your nads. My 54 reg had all the wheels corrode, four of them dirty and the spare shining and unused never out of the boot also corroded.
  11. many thanks. The dealer is fitting the new caliper tomorrow. I will post how I get on. I am concerned about the vsc warning light as previous posts have indicated huge four figure bills. Has this just gone out because the connection has dried out or is it busy corroding away to leave me with a virtually unsellable vehicle? Anyone any ideas?
  12. I had new disks & pads fitted to the rear brakes at 40k service on my 54 reg RX300. Just 2000 miles later the drivers side is completely worn and squeals intermitantly when driving without using the brakes. The local dealer, who carried out the work, states the caliper is sticking and wants £270 + vat just for the part to replace it. They claim this is a very regular problem with RXs but I see little mention on this forum. Any advice? Also recently the engine symbol and vsc warning lit up recently for a couple of days after driving through a puddle but has now gone back out. I have read about a corroded connector problem with massive rectifying costs. Is this a forewarning and likely to occur soon?
  13. All cars these days should be capable of big milage. Talking to taxi drivers on holiday in Rhodes last year I discovered they were running their E Class Mercs for a million miles (over 1.5 mil Km) in 10 years routinely and even their Peugeot 405s were doing at least 1/2 this - and taxi miles are hard miles!
  14. Last September we drove down to Assisi in Central Italy a round trip of 3000 miles. This was a mix of motorways, main roads, town driving and local running about for a week whilst we were there. The journey included a spell on the German autobahns at 100+ mph (max 120mph just to see what the car was like - very impressed!), down through Switzerland and over the St Gotthard Pass (so plenty of up and down in the mountans - again very impressed!), Italian autostrada where the average spped of the traffic seems to be about 90mph! and, as I said, a week of local tootling around followed by the reverse journey home. The average fuel consumption for the holiday was 31.5MPG. (This was with the outside temperature mainly in the upper 20s) Last Sunday we drove over to Felixstowe and back from Milton Keynes in the falling snow and freezing temperatures - a round trip of 240 miles with an average fuel consumption of 27.4MPG. Just popping up to the shops and back in the winter with a cold engine gives about 15-20MPG. Best average consumption to date was a drive from Norwich to Milton Keynes 2 weeks ago (outside temperature about 10 - 15 degrees) using ordinary country roads where possible and a very light foot giving a figure of 35.1MPG! To sum up - it all depends on the type of journey, the length of your journey, the outside temperature (and whether or not you have the cabin heater on or off), and most importantly your style of driving! Overall we have been very impressed with the fuel consumption, especially as there is no compromise with the performance of a vehicle of this size and comfort. Thankyou - any of the reported flat battery problems if left for two weeks?
  15. I had the same problem coming from the light sensor (round button) on the top left of the dash. Drove me mad. Got sorted under warranty but required removal of dash - big job. Now out of warranty I have a smaller rattle sorted by shoving tissue between the top left of the dash and the small speaker
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