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  1. Same comparison in January 2015 issue of Topgear magazine page 66 onwards. Mercedes wins.
  2. Page 56 onwards is an article against the hybrid C Class. Lexus wins! Next issue is out tomorrow so be quick today to read it (free read in a shop?).
  3. "Tyre Safe has published a short film online that compares the handling of two vehicles with different tread depths. This illustrates how important it is to have enough tread on your tyres to drive in wet conditions." They are using the IS300h!
  4. Enjoy!
  5. ^ Nice double page spread in AE btw. You have tomorrow to read it unless it appears online.
  6. I doubt the 1st generation IS (1999-2005) is better in some way but fans will have a reason. The 2nd generation may be a different story...? I remember when the 1st generation came out it was different to everything out there externally and on the dash with that sport style watch speedo!
  7. I recall the Mark 2 (2nd generation) had quite a few issues in the beginning - rattles and stuff - how does this compare with the current generation - IS 250 / 300h?
  8. I was looking on YouTube for something a little different from the bog standard 5 minute Auto Express or Autocar review and came across these US reviews which are very very long and detail nearly every feature of the car - wow: 2014 Lexus IS 250 Detailed Demo by Jim Sairoglou (31 min) 2014 Lexus IS 350 F Sport by Jim Sairoglou (16 min) and July 21st Lexus IS short highlight with testimonials (5 min) :D :D This might be old news: Reinventing the Lexus IS! - The Downshift Episode 48 - Interview with Lexus IS Chief Engineer (Our mission is to ovetake the BMW 3 Series as the number one in the compact sedan category)
  9. Please post good (and bad) reviews - YouTube link etc. Include the petrol IS250 which seems to be overlooked by the Hybrid.
  10. This week's Auto Express has another Long Term test review with its IS300h. Next issue out Wednesday so read it before then.
  11. And where (motorway / area of UK) on the road. Make sure it wasn't mistaken for a GS! It usually takes a year to see new cars even the common 3 series!
  12. How have owners and their families found the rear for space - 2 or 3 kids / adults? It's improved from the 2nd generation no doubt but is it comfortable?
  13. On the 2nd generation was there just one major mid life update and the usual subtle spec increments typically annually or every couple of years? I know it's just been a year (released July 11/12 2013!) but wondering what a facelift would contain? I'm aware of the Executive Edition. Thanks.
  14. Yes but it's NEW Car Awards 2014. Audi A4 is very very old (released Feb 2008 with new model due 2015) so it was disqualified I guess! 3, IS, C-Class all released in the past 2 years.
  15. Thanks to you both. As an aside how do the engines of the 1st generation IS200 2nd IS250 and 3rd (current) IS250/300h compare in terms of the smoothness and floaty feeling you describe to each other? My 1st generation IS200 auto still feels so smooth and has this feeling of a hovercraft - like eating Galaxy milk chocolate slowly.
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