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  1. thanks :) i had my eyes on a set on samurai 17" 235 all around but they was £800 so when i saw these i kinda weight up if the other wheels were worth the extra £600 and decided that they wernt and a new bed and mixer for my decks would be more "practical" so i not only got a good deal i was sensible too which is saying alot for me!! ;)
  2. i will be there none of u know me yet but i wid like to say hello and get to know some of you!! i'll be there 2days i think friday / sat will find out for sure and let you know!! look forward to sharing a beer with some of you...and i owe DJ wozza a beer for helping me out a couple of weeks ago ;) forgot to add it will be me my son and possibly my girlfriend im not sure wether she can get the time off work to come yet. ;) see you there :)
  3. ouch!! unlucky its always a ***** when u cant blame no1 either!! i remember some ****** down my street was getting chased by the police and scraped up the whole side of my first car..grated it was a £500 ford escort not a 6 grand lexus but still it hurt alot!!
  4. Hi, havent psoted much cuz im a busy bee but jsut thought id share my new rims with u all....they where an absoloute bargin at £150 for the set (2nd hand obveously) 17" 255 on the back 235 on the front...havent had any body else in the car with me yet hoping they wont rub!!! they seem ok with just me and im on my own 90% of the tim minus my baby boy who dont weigh much. any way ehres the pic!!
  5. I have money sitting here infront of me. :winky: wanna swap? :winky:
  6. yeah mines about a tenner left as the first time i filled it up it was basicaly empty and i put £10 in to get me home and the light stayed on so i put another £5 and it went out
  7. Hi, My car is getting there the headgasket had a slight blow but i found this stuff u mix into your coolant system that chemicaly repairs the leak and it seems to have worked as im getting suction again and theres no steam coming out the exhust now. ust one more problem is the 2 front Coil PAcks have died and i found a dealer thats selling them brand new for £100 each but i think this is waaaay over priced seen as i could get a whole set of 6 second hand for £199. But i only need 2 so i dont see the point in buying all 6. I have a small "jap" breakers near me and he does have coil packs in there but he doesnt know if they have for the IS so im going to go downt here tomorrow and have a look but jsut incase he doesnt have the right ones i just woudnered if anyone knows of any jap breakers around bedfordshire or buckinghamshire where they might have 2 coil packs for sale i would be grateful!! Ross
  8. my dads got the 323 and ive been driving it about since my is broke down and i would says the lexus is easier to drive. His is auto so that could ahve somthing to do with it as i prefer manual but the steering on the 323 although very responsive is a bit heavy compared to the IS and its a bit sluggish as the accelerter is quite stiff. I would say 323 owns the motorway but running around town id rtaher drive the IS its much more fun to drive
  9. Hi my new lexus IS 200 that ive owned for less than a month has just died on me. The rad is a mess and is gushing water out all over the place. I have taken it out and it seems to me that the car has suffered a minor bang on the front. This may not be true but the rad infront which i presume is for the air con is bent and the fan casiing is snaped in places. I have had a look at the spark plugs and coil packs and it doesnt seem to have done any damage whilst overheating thankfuly and my old man says he doesnt think the head gasket has blown which is good. I just woundered what rad it took on the front as its a toyota rad. Im really not happy and will be phoning the preveous owner but i really dont see where i stand as it was broght as seen but taking a radiator off to have a look at the back side is not really somthing u do whilst buying a car. Any info would be greatly appreceated. Thanks, Ross by the way i own the IS 200 S, (2000 Xreg) model but i think they are all the same under the bonet right?
  10. i find chrome a bit "tacky" looking id go with the standard gb plate. im not a big fan of chrome on cars
  11. i think its the little details that make the difference i also need a new gear knob as mine is in the same states as ur i guess with the wedding ring worn off all the chrome. Seen a nice sparco on for £15 on ebay so might treat myself.
  12. hey!! just got back from northhampton the guy was really really nice. He is very big on "earthquake" equipment and offered me a full install with componant speakers 2 12" subs and a 5 channel amp with the 5th channel and a digital mono channel but i told him my budget and he said really for the money i cant go wrong with the vibe. I went for the 12" one and i got a really good deal it ended up costing £180 for the sub and the wiring kit and aparently 8-guage is i said im really not up on all this yet!! Really i must give a big shout out to wozza for the pointer im very appreceative man so big up!! Gunna go fit it now will let u know how it sounds!! Thanks alot for all the advice your a really nice bunch of people some times on these forums u get ppl tackeling youfrom your first post with "use the search function" or the grammar police but ive asked a few questions and had nothing but positive replys so thanks alot it really makes u feel welcome!! For anyone interested heres the adress of the guy i broght it from he has alittle shop down northhampton high street and is a genuinely nice guy. 349 WELLINGBOROUGH ROAD, NORTHAMPTON, NN1 4ER 01604 601500
  13. Thanks so much the 12" 1600 watt Vibe CBR was the one i was looking at. I went to my local independant AV shop and he was trying to sell me a pioneer 1000watt with a apline amp for £350 fitted but he said the sub was £130 and the amp £100 and said he would do the leads for £30 so how does this add up to £350?? I would rather trust your advice as your not trying to make a profit out of me and by the sound of that guy trying to make a mug out of me aswell!! I think im jsut gunna go buy it now im still not sure to go for the big one or the small one the music i listen to is big on heavy basslines so perhaps the bigger one will be the way to go. I have already had the ski hatch off and took the plastic suround off to make sure it would all fit in ok. This definatly seems the way to go though thanks alot for all the advice on fitting it, its gunna be a learning curve for me too as im fitting it myself and havent done it before!! My dads gunna watch over me as he knows what hes doing with it but i said i wanna do it myself. Thanks alot i'll let you know how i get on!! Ross edit: just noticed the ebay numbers thats alot better than halfords!! thanks so much im in your debt also i live really close to northhampton so off down there to pick one up!!
  14. wow they are gorgeous!! i thought the orange glow looks nice but thats just somthing else... you've tempted me into getting these now they look so nice!! Would there / is there a way to do a similar thing to the dashboard lights or are they just orange tinted buttons and just a yellow light underneath? Because it would be amazing to have the dash light up with matching colours would just make it that much more beautiful
  15. Hi!! been very busy at work hardly had any time to spend with my car i will upload the pics soooon!! Its nothing spectacular to look at right now thought just your standard everyday IS200 in silver so im sure u can imagene what it looks like!!. Ive just been payed and my next mission is to get a sub in the boot. I got my old head unit in there front for now and hanks to the guy that made that tutorial on the adapter for a normal head unit it come in very handy and looks so much better than the bobbely plastic finihs that it originaly came with so thanks alot!!! Right so onto the sub. Im not after any £2k sound system allo im after right now is just a sub for my boot just to give a bit of extra bass i got about £200 to spend but can go over as i have a bit saved away still for my wheels that i dont mind eating into but not too much. Im looking for an active sub and have seen a few in halfords for around the £200 mark but they claim to be "1600 watts!!!!" but im sure the max output is not the thing you look for when looking at subs right?? I just need some tips on what to look for and what brands to stear clear of. Its a bit confusing when you see a sub with a full wiring kit for £179.99 thats only 200watts output and then above that see an active sub that is claiming to be 1200 watts for £20 more.. why would you want 200watts when you can get 1200 for an extra £20. It just got me a bit suspisious and im not really up on ICE/AV stuff im more knowlageable about computers than sterios. So if you guys/gals could give me a few pointers on what to look for or maybe an example of a decent bit of kit i can get for my budget i would be really grateful!!! Remember im not after a killer sound system just a nice bit of bass in my boot preferable an active sub cuz i do have a buggy going in and out of my car all the time so amps strapped to the floor would not be practical. Thanks in advance if u need any more info just ask and i'll try to enlighten you!! :)
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