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  1. Hi guys. Just wondering if the rs200 uses special cooling fluid? Last week the heating stopped working properly. Whenever I went up hill and drove it hard, the heating was great, but when I go downhill, and stop revving so much and the engine cools down, it goes really cold again. I asked the mech today and he said it was probably the thermostat. So he orderd one in to be fitted tommorow but I'm wondering if I can just use a 50/50 water antifreeze mix or have I got to buy the special coolant from Toyota? The mech. doesn't know anything about the beams engine ( I've got the only one around here) so I thought I'd ask the experts here! Cheers.
  2. TezzaMan

    Auto Box

    Hi guys. I need some advice. While driving home yesterday, I could smell something burning. I got home and then took the car to a garage close to me with a ramp. The mechanic had a look underneath and it was oil leaking from the bell housing dripping on to the exhaust. The weird thing is that the car drives fine, no noises from the gearbox or anything. . I was wondering if there is any common problem with the auto tiptronic boxes on the altezza? Also, If I find out that I need to get a new gearbox, how much work is it to convert it to a manual? Apart from the obvious things like gearbox, peddlebox, clutch and cable? Would I need a new ECU? And would a gearbox from an is200 mate on to the 3sge engine? I really need help as I hate not having my car and I need it sorted soon. Thanks.
  3. OMG! What if it's de-badged!?! ****!
  4. It's got 53000 miles on it. Don't know what that is in km?
  5. Oh, ok! I'll change it then as it's a '99 car and don't know if it'd ever been changed. Any idea of anywhere else I can get it as I don't know if Toyota are that friendly to import owners? Somewhere on the net?
  6. Thanks for the info guys. If it shouldn't need changing then I won't bother buying the right one. I've always changed the filters on all my old cars. I suppose it's a better design than on other cars if it shouldn't need changing. Cheers all :)
  7. Hi guys. I've just bought an oil filter and fuel filter for my tezza (I bought the two together for the mr2 3s-ge engine) on ebay. I know it's the same oil filter but I don't know where the fuel filter is? I took the car to the garage today and the mechanic looked in the engine bay, then put it on the ramp and had a good look underneath but he still couldn't find it. Any ideas guys? BTW, I couldn't find the filter listed under altezza so I searched 3s-ge and the parts showed up for the mr2 up to 12/99. Cheers.
  8. Thanks guys. I bought some Mont Blanc ones today for £75 from my local parts shop. I don't really need dearer ones as they're not going to be used that much anyway.
  9. Hi all, happy holidays! I'm moving house soon and am looking for a roof rack that can be fitted to my gutterless altezza. Anyone got one for sale? The cheapest I can find is about £75 on flee bay. I need to buy new doors etc. (and get them to the house). Any ideas? Cheers.
  10. Actually, I'm scrapping the turbo idea. Instead, I'm going for a hair dryer (around 5ft long, 4ft wide, mounted on the roof) the missus should have one laying around here somewhere! WHOOSH!! As for it being "just a car" Sacrilege!! Ban RS200 turbo! :winky:
  11. Really sorry to hear that mate. I'd be in tears! I was seriously thinking about buying a turbo kit but if that can happen at only 4 bar I don't think it would be worth the risk.
  12. Hi guys. I'm just wondering if anyone knows (around about) how many altezza's are there in the uk? I don't know anyone in my area that has one. Might be a stupid question but it would be interesting to know. Thanks, RJ
  13. Thanks for the info mate. I would like to get this sorted but with the two sensors I don't know how it would work with the sensor reading changes for the ecu without the cats. I love my tip tezza but I really wish I'd bought a manual! Cheers, RJ
  14. Hi all, I'm just wondering how much cat bypass pipes are for my 3S-GE auto altezza? I've read on this forum that the AT needs two, but don't know where the best place to get them from price wise? Any ideas much appreciated! Cheers, RJ P.S Around how much HP will be released?
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