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  1. Slightly off Lexus topic but connected. I have a RX350 which I love but were looking at also getting a Toyota Alphard 2005 2.4 Hydrid. I presume some of these share the same engine and Hybrid systems of the Lexus RX versions ? Just trying to get advice if the older Hybrids are OK ?
  2. Hi, First of all I've owned 2 x Harrier's a RX300 and a RX350 so not new to Lexus. I have been looking at the SC430's and probably going to start and look for one soon. Nothing set yet as year or price range but anything I really need to be aware of when buying ? is there any major model year changes ? TIA. Astonchap.
  3. I've just acquired a 2007 RX350 SE-L and I am wanting to fit an I-pod lead to the stereo, has anyone done this before ? wanted to check before striping it down to find it can't be done and I know all models are different. It has the Mark Levinson unit fitted but presume its the same as a standard one ? Also I was looking at having some chrome side bars and nudge bar fitted. If anyone has some pointers for these as well. I have seen some on e-bay and other UK companies but if anyone has fitted these aftermarket ones and can advise. TIA David.
  4. Hi, I have ordered a set of 20 inch Rimstock "Equinox anthracite" What size tyres did you fit on yours ? Cheers David.
  5. Nice one, they look really good. I actually want chrome type ones, do you mind if I ask where you had them fitted ? Cheers David.
  6. Hi, I have just bought a 2005 RX300 with 18 inch wheels and I already have a 1999 Toyota Harrier (Jap spec RX300) with 16 inch wheels. I have seen some companies that advertise 20 inch wheel packages, has anyone fitted wheels of this size and if so any problems ? Idea is to put 20 inch on the RX and the old RX wheels on the Harrier. Any advice welcome. David.
  7. I had a CAT 1 alarm system fitted on Saturday morning and now when I turn the engine off and take the key out of the ignition all 5 doors open as they should so problem solved. David.
  8. Thanks for the reply Sorry I should have said the key fob works the central locking fine also when I press it it locks/unlocks as it should, what the problem is when I stop turn the engine off only the drivers door is unlocked, so I get out stick the key in my pocket get to the tailgate to let the dog out and the door is locked so I have to press the key fob which locks it, then press it again that unlocks it. Maybe its supposed to be like ??? Just a bit of a pain when you stop and everyone is having to individually unlock each door. Re locking when you set off, personal thing once lost a mate who was in accident and the doors of the car were locked and they could get him out. Cheers David.
  9. I have just got a Harrier 3.0 Four 1998 from Japan, does anyone know if the settings can be changed for the door locking ? when I get out of the vehicle only the drivers door unlocks, also when you hit 20 kph the doors auto lock. It says in the handbook that this can be changed but by a Toyota dealer, I know on some Hondas they work by have the ignition on and doing a certain sequence you can activate things like electric folding mirrors and door locking ETC. Does anyone of is this can be done on the Harrier ? TIA David.
  10. Hi, I have just bought in Japan today a 104,000 km 3.0 Harrier, 4WD car cost was 580,000 yen so around £2700 and cost back here around £4500 OTR, as its just over 10 years old its SVA exempt and as its older than 2001 the engine size doesn't really matter tax wise. This one does not have leather but not worried about that, was more concerned about genuine k's and service history. My brother has a 51 plate RX 300 and other than no leather its as good a spec as his. My guy in Japan said not to go for the 2.2 as although its OK the 3.0 as already stated is a lot better also I am going to tow a caravan so wanted bigger engine. One word of advice is dont't buy from UK import auctions or of a dealer who has because all the ones sold from the UK auctions are all the CxxP in Japan they can't sell and bought cheap for resale in the UK auctions, if you want details of an agent let me know. David.
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