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  1. Thanks for replies. AA chappie was unable to do a diagnostic check as his computer thingy would not read anything. Would Lexus use the same equipment? Because the accelorator would not do anything unless you put it all the way to the floor (is this what happens in limp mode?), he suggested it could be the accelerator sensor as well. Now that you have had a new one fitted, what difference have you noticed? Mine seemed ok driving to work this morning, which was after disconnecting the battery.
  2. Sorry I meant '98 (S reg) AA just been to take a look. He plugged in his diagnostic tool but it did not work so unable to get a fault code. He unplugged the battery and that reset everything, its working ok now with no fualt lights on the dash. Not sure what the problem was.
  3. Hi, I hope someone can help. My '95 GS300 has been running great but when I tried starting the car today the VSC on, VSC and engine warning lights came on. If I turn the engine off and then restart the VSC lights come on after pressing the accelorator. There is no power either and the car only revs when I put the accelorator to the floor. I am unable to drive it to a garage to get a code due to lack of power. Could anyone please offer some advice? Leigh
  4. Hopefully not a silly question, but does using 99ron or vpower have any detrimental effect on the engine?
  5. After getting lost searching this topic am now being lazy and going to ask instead (sorry). I have had my GS300 for just over a week now and still getting to know it. Has anyone worked out the best fuel to use and whether there are any pros and cons to using unleaded or super unleaded? What is the average mpg you are all having? mine is the 1998 model (mk2?)
  6. Looks like your old version is the same as mine. Guess that would mean I need the same update that you got. Looks quite an improvement. Just need to raise some cash now. Thanks, Leigh
  7. Thanks for the help, looks like cheap Toyota parts is the one. Are more roads displayed on the 2007-2008 nav cd? Door numbers sound like it will be more accurate but there are a lot of roads on the 1998 cd with no names.
  8. Thanks for the link, although it wouldn't accept the part number on my cd. Perhaps my version is too old. It has on the disc, ver.2.1 Data '98-99 and two rows of numbers, 08664-50820 and 86271-15v250 Would any higher version work providing it is on a cd and not a dvd? Thanks again for your help
  9. lpg


    Thank you all for the welcome :winky:
  10. Hi all, Hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have been trying to look into updating the satnav on my 1998 GS300 but not sure what I need. The cd says on it version 2.1 but what does this mean compared to updates which specify a generation number? Would my version be able to take the most recent update? And last question, would I be correct in assuming this is a normal cd and not a dvd? Thanks in advance Leigh
  11. lpg


    Hello all, I just picked up my first Lexus yesterday. Its a 1998 GS300 SE with the navigation screen. Had a series 3 BMW before and can't believe the difference! I'm finding that I am looking for any rerason to go out for a trip in the car!! Its all pretty much standard and looks great for a 10yr car. Love it! Leigh
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