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  1. It angers me that someone could be fooled into thinking that this £40 Air Intake Temp resistor could actually gain 40 BHP. I emailed the company with my vehicle details inc. mods & current dyno figures to see if they would gaurantee this claim and here's their reply. "Hi there, we don't guarantee this as we are just the online retailers and it can vary from one type of car to another depending age and condition etc, some cars can get more from this device others less, it is the manufacturer that gives these figures on the device so that is what we advertise them at." Seems to me that the only gaurantee will be that you will be throwing your money away & financing this online 'get rich quick' middleman retailer. What do you think?
  2. This is exactly what I use, I know there are countless products out there but these are affordable & readily available & do a top job. What I would do is, wash & dry your car thoroughly, inspect all areas of paint work for any scratches / bad swirl marks that you are unhappy with. If funds allow get a bodyshop to buff / polish them out for you, unless you wish to have a go yourself. Then after another wash go over the body with a medium grade clay bar kit to remove any containments from your paint. Now use Autoglym Super Resin Polish 2 coats, extra gloss protection 2 coats (leave to dry at least 1 hour between coats) then finally collinite 476 in as many coats as desired. The collinite 476 is an 'old skool proper' hard wax that can last months. After washing you can simply add extra coats to build up more protection. This regime has worked very well for me in the past & is still what I use today.
  3. The timing belt replacement interval was changed from 100,000 down to 60,000 miles, get it done VERY soon unless you have a lot of money to spend on a head rebuild. Remember to take into consideration that your car & belt is around 8 years old now. The chance of using an air tool on the bottom pulley is very slim unless you wand to remove the rads of course. £120 is IMO very reasonable for a timing belt kit whether it's Gates, Blueprint, or Toyota, (belt, idler & tensioner) & an uprated kevlar belt would cost near that on it's own. There is a 'how to' guide on the forum, if you are doing it yourself.
  4. Sorry Jason, I got my dials ages ago but forgot to let you know. You & Janey have done a great job sorting this out for everyone, I will be looking out for more of your group buys in the future. Thanx & take care of your health. SUPERCOUPE.
  5. I found a pair of dark 2004 front fogs in my garage which I bought earlier this year to upgrade from my standard 2000 chrome ones. After cleaning them up properly it seems that one is dark chrome as expected & one is satin finish which leaves me a bit confused as I thought that only the chrome type & later (04) dark chrome were available? It does not look like one of them has been opened up & sprayed or anything, although they were both in used condition. Any thoughts on this?
  6. For what you want, have you not considered the 200SX at all?
  7. Usually front panel, to me anyway m8. (slam / rad panel).
  8. Can you put me down for #1 Sport Dial Kit, for a 2000 IS200 Sport XE-01 please?
  9. But a lighter flywheel would have other impacts as well ;) I had a customer with a 97 Civic Vti once who needed a clutch fitting & he supplied me a very light weight (racing) flywheel at the same time, made by Fidenza IIRR. After fitting he complained that the car lost torque (Civic's don't have much to start with) & suffered erratic idle & stalling issues. As a result daily driving became a chore for him although it was O.K for high RPM spirited A road driving. Luckly I saved the old flywheel.....
  10. Found this on ebay while looking for sum bits for mine, what do you recon "VEHICLE WAS USED IN FILM SHOOT"? Item number: 280374683028
  11. That's right, the battery in the fob is only for the RCL buttons, won't affect the transponder chip.
  12. Above is very true, when rushed, i.e 3 point turn on busy road, I always seem to select reverse instead of first, & had some very near misses! I've had a fault on my parking sensors for a while, when you select reverse it beeped continuously for about 4 secs, which done my nut in. I chopped one wire to the speaker in the back, until I find time to sort the problem out. However, I never had to disconect anything behind the speedo??
  13. I'm also definately interested depending on price & don't mine wearing a few stickers for advertising if it means cheap coilovers!
  14. If you need a new section of pipe, B&Q have them Just use a size up to make a sleeved joint or try most garden centres in pond section.
  15. Laser / diamond cut would look good IMO, but probly be wise to have them lacquered due to our rubbish damp corrosive climate. These wheels have the right dimensions to look standard yet modified I think.
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