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  1. Anyone see the Lexus theme on Top Gear - 03/01/2010 Generally slating the company with the vehicles accross the board
  2. I have a 08 RX400h and also had the factory fitted Ipod kit. I recently purchased a Silverline Ipod kit for £200.00 supplied and fitted froma company called 12 volts in Southend, Essex. It works on the 6 CD selection buttons as follows : 1. Select song 2. Select Playlist 3. Select Artist 4. Select album When you select button 3 you can then select button 4 for an album within that artist. When you select button 3 you can then selct button 1 for a song within that artist. It all works from the head unit and the steering wheel as well. It displays artist name, album name, playlist name and song title, very good unit and if you google the product you can see screenshots of the display
  3. Do you know if this is the old one (Silverline) or the new one (Silverline Pro) which you can use both the nav screen and the ipod screen without having to switch modes? If the new does it work reasonably well in this dual mode? Does it allow you to select artists/albums while in motion? rgds Stephen Dont know about what model it is, have to look at the manual as it only states Silverline on the front. Once you plug the Ipod in to the cable in the glovebox the control is done via the front screen and the steering wheel. It tricks the console into thinking that it has a MP3 player. It uses the 6 CD option buttons, button 5 is used to select the ipod or another auxillary connection (dvd etc....) and button 6 is not used. You can select albums,artists,playlists and songs whilst in motion. If you press button 4 on the front screen it selects album by artist or you can scroll through all albums, wait 2-3 seconds and then if you select button 3 you can select the album for that artist, wait 2-3 seconds and then select button 1 to play the songs for that album. You can do all this by pressing the front screen or the steering wheel in motion or at a standstill. The front screen lists the artists name and the album name and the song name. So if you are selecting albums it will display the album name, if you are selecting an artists album it will display the artists name and album and if you are selecting songs it will display the artist, album name and song. Also you can conect your ipod on shuffle and connect the cable it will shuffle all of your songs in your library and display artist and track name.
  4. Had a guy from 12 Volts in Southend visit yesterday and fitted a DICE Silverline ipod kit to replace my factory fitted Ipod kit. Total cost plus fitting £200.00. It is conected to the front screen and the 6 DISC buttons as follows Button 1 : selects song within an album or artist Button 2 : selects playlist and then press button 1 to play the songs within that playlist Button 3 : selects album and then select button 1 to play ALL songs for that album Button 4 : selects artist, press 3 for album within that artist, press 1 for songs within that album Basically stick your ipod on music and you can select artist then all songs for that artist and you can control this via your steering wheel or dashboard controls. Next thing is connecting the PS2 to the rear of the drivers seat (already have the connector leads, red, yellow, white,), quoted me approx £100.00 fully fitted. Would highly recommend the company and the guy who came to my home and fitted the kit, Andy
  5. If it's any help, I bought an FM transmitter for my ipod and it wasnt great. The signal was at best poor or kept on fading out and you had to keep re-tuning - not great when you are driving. I opted for a Lexus fit ipod adaptor, thats fine, sound quality good, although you have to have your music selected and organised into playlists. I have my daughters old ipod in the car permanently, i can choose to listen to this or change to radio/CD/DVD very easily. You can get other kits which could even work out a little cheaper, I think Vias do a very good kit for the ipod (there is quite a lot of information on this form anout them) but i think you need to fit that yourself or get someone to do it for you. I also had the Lexus factory fit Ipod kit put into my 08 RX400h and it is quite limited to how you use your Ipod. As above you have to put your song selections into playlists, you cant just play a random artist, random track etc. I have a company coming to my house this afternoon (12 volt from Southend) to fit a new style Ipod kit. Basically my front screen will act like an "Ipod touch" where I can select artist and then song or album then artist or browse my entire song list and pick a random song. I have been told that my ipod will appear on the front screen so I can easily navigate between Ipod functions. All this for approx £250.00 fitted. I could have the video option bit this would set me back £800.00 (this is in the RX450h apparantly)
  6. Okay managed to finally get round to calling someone out to repair my rear screen. I bought my RX400h in April 2008 and opted for an Alpine system with the screens fitted in the rear headrests rather than the over the headrest system as I think these look as though you have bought them form Argos and strapped them to your seats with some velcro. One of the screens was showing "no video" for a while. Called Lexus Woodford who got the firm who fitted the system (12 volt in Southend) to come and have a look. It was past the 12 month warranty but the guy said it was Alpine so not to harm their company name they would replace it free of charge (booked in for next week) I was chatting to him about the options with my Ipod connection that was factory fitted when I ordered the car and explained that it was very limited in how I could use it only by creating playlists etc. I said I had seen a system where it could play Ipod video on the front screen and he said that is what the new RH450h has and it would cost about £900.00 to install (ouch!) The other option is to trick the car and have the artists, track name, album name appear on the front screen so that I could select single songs or albums rather than only playing it via a playlist. He quoted me £250 - £300 fully supplied and installed My question is worth the money ??
  7. I hadn't noticed before and someone pointed this out to me at the weekend. The bottom plate for my rear shocks are about an inch or two from the tyre but the first spring is well clear of the plate. When I "bounced" the car the plate didnt move (good) and the shock slightly moved down and up (good again) Is this because the shocks on an RX400h 08 are hard and not soft like a normal saloon car. Im just worried that with the car fully laden that the bottom plate will touch the tyre but then if the actual coil spring is well clear of the plate then there is nothing to worry about. I will post a pic and shoe the evidence
  8. Seen in The Sun today,
  9. None I think they only come with the new RX450h put this year. My 08RX400h comes with heated seats but not cooled (something my old Mondeo Titaniumx did !! )
  10. Okay spent an hour polishing an Astral Black RX400h and it looks good but wondering if it could have looked better Used turtle wax liquid and Im seeking advice on any other polishes or specialist sprays, liquids, wax to use
  11. I was sent this link last night
  12. I'm with you on that! Got a great deal on a 400h and had it ten days. Not that I am planning to sell it already, but it makes the deal sweeter than ever. Dealership told me that the base RX450h will be £45K, and the top of the range £55K. This helped crystalise my thoughts to purchase the run out model, as I don't feel that the introduction of the 450h series will harm existing 400h residuals when there is such a hike in the pricing. Ouch! Thought they might price the 450h lower than that. Might be keeping my 08 400h a while longer then
  13. One of my rear screens is showing "no video" when turned on. I have an 08 RX400h se-l and opted for the factory built rear screens rather than the newer ones where they sit over the head rests and half way down the rear of the front seats. Any ideas, fuse, loose wire ?
  14. I would pay the extra as well, got a 08 RX400h se-l with memory seats and powered tailgate. The powered tailgate comes in handy in supermarkets car parks and other areas where you are the envy of everyone when you remote operate it and people turn around trying to see whose car it is.
  15. Firstly, Hi and welcome to the LoC :) Secondly, may I [politely] suggest that 'if you don't know' something that you use the SEARCH button on the top right before posting? in this case it would have revealed that this question has come up many times before; but seeing as you're here, the answer your question is, in a word, no. The 400h doesn't provide you with an estimated run down counter of fuel left as the petrol RX does. I think this has been covered before and the RX400h cannot calculate the distance to empty as it is part electric part petrol. If you are crawling through town using the electric motor then you are not using any fuel so the only time you would get a distance to empty figure would be when using the petrol engine. Dont know if the computer could switch easily between the two engines
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