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  1. Is200 Turbo Help!

    I desparately need some info about Greddy E-Manage blue on a 1G-FE engine that has a turbo on it I managed to connect the E-manage on the main harness. I believe that the 1st dial (rotary switch) should be on 6 for 6-cylinder and the 2nd one on 4 (stands for Toyota-Pressure instead of Toyota-Hotwire or Toyta-FL) since it has a MAP. Can you confirm those? Any idea about the 3rd dial and the jumpers?
  2. Deal With The Devil...

    i would like to see * youtube video of acceleration (or u can travel to greece so we can measure performance using my Vbox :winky: ) * Mpg and Total Conversion Cost (doing long distances and its a little obsession i have )
  3. Is there any KERS system available in the market? (i believe KERS stands for Kinetic Energy Restore System or something like it?)
  4. Pics Of My Is200 Sport..

    any advices to make my black 2002 is200 shine like this?
  5. Is200 Are Like Rare Birds

    Three IS200 in Ioannina, Greece: A black SE auto (mine), a white sport MT (my workshop owner) and a grey one always parked in the same place... There is also someone with a red IS200 TTEcomp and he says he has the only red IS200 with greek plates. Don't know if that is true but the man is really a drift king...
  6. Is 200 Sport Top Speed

    My AT IS200 sometimes stops accelerating in 205-210km/h (odometer) but when it passes this "barrier" even if there is no downward slope i can see 220+ and i believe this is due to ram air increasing manifold pressure as speed builds (slowly. Notice that 4rth Gear on AT is overdrive and is about 40km/h per 1000rpm so the rev limiter should appear at 250km/h if there was enough power to push the car in this speed so there are no rev limiter issues like MT. Best speed ever saw in odometer is 227 surprisingly in hot summer weather and never manage to surpass it even in winter that the air is more dense... (i believe it was the fuel...)
  7. What Petrol Shall I Use?

    When i will have my university's VBOX in my hands (for my phd of course ) i'll perform some tests with different octane rating and with stock/kn filter to find any differences :)
  8. VVprotocolVV you don't just go for the MPG, you do it to get performance upgrade PLUS the increased economy :) I had and Awesome Idea of aftermarket Hybrid kit and i found this... but sadly not sold yet 48Volt * 600amperes = 28,8KW in low rpm (i am absolutely satisfied from the stock engine after 4500rpm and i remind you that i have an AT) plus increased MPG is more than anyone can ask :) When it will come out i will be the first to try it :) a secondary electric motor plus a supercapacitor would be an awesome mod that can achieve insane quarter mile times using energy from regenerative braking, i cannot understand why there isn't any aftermarket kits available...
  9. Asi i suspect supercharging my IS in hot greek weather will result in excessive knocking and the cumulative cost of increased consumption and the difference of premium fuel will almost double the cost per mile. If it was my sunday car i would consider evern a supra swap but until then i only do modifications that promote fuel efficiency along with performance like K&N filter and now thinking about removing precats and installing HKS hi silent (i don't believe no body has made a good after market exaust system with double output like previous generation turbo audis) to reduce pumping losses sparkystav you are definitely right about the cost but it would great if someone could fit a GS450h engine in there and do it right (thats the hard part). Imagine the result! (if you own a sparce geared auto you begin to notice the lot-middle power hole...)
  10. Since IS-200 and especially auto's suffer from their increased weight and lack of torque in low-middle-rpm band i suspect i would be wise to think of something stupid... Is there feasible to swap to a toyota/lexus hybrid engine or to a 2.0 or 2.2 D-4D avensis diesel engine? (IS 220d engine swap?) Anyone of you that had driven a Lexus Hybrid or a Diesel Toyota will immediately understand what i am talking about...
  11. Traction Control..?

    In order to install a USB-to-PC (although it looks it cannot be done, its very very easy and cheap, and i have to write an article because i was googling over a month to find how to do it and i got some precious knowledge that i have to share) i had to remove the heated-seat buttons and the traction control button so that the stereo will come out. There was NO error on my dashboard and everything looked normal. So it could be an unplugged switch that is very easy to plug back (just pull the button tray out and check it) If you suspect its a faulty bulb then you know what you have to do, just find a empty parking space corner hard and accelerate until the car spins and see the "slipping" light. After that press the button once and try again :)
  12. /stupid theoretical question mode: ON Lets assume i have a TTE/rotrex Charger: Is it possible to install thicker gasket in order to reduce compression so you won't need premium unleaded? Is there any point in installing a bigger intercooler for the same reason?
  13. Is200 Hks Silent Hi Power

    I am interested in this exhaust too *Expected performance gains in IS200 SE auto (0-60 time / KW)? (with or without precat removal) *Is there any difference in MPG since we gain power by not adding fuel but by by reducing air friction (hydraulic losses)?
  14. Absolutely Appauling

    Driving on a frozen lake is the definition of AWESOME... i am just jealous