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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply but no go in afraid, it just gives an error.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place, but re-joining Gold seems really confusing. Firstly - is the scheme still active? Secondly - each time i want to join and add to basket it says i can't because i already have it in the basket...but there is no where i can find to actually checkout? Any help appreciated. Thanks Alan
  3. Hi all just wondering if anyone has a preference on brake discs? recently bought some Pagids which came coated and seem to perform well but at a fraction of the cost. Also bought some mintex pads which was a mistake as the quality wasn't up to it and they didn't contain any form of anti squeal shims, replaced them with Pagid pads which seem to be better in terms of quality, just wondering if anyone has any experience of the other ones out there? recently had to get ready to change the rears so tried to go Pagid again as it was more cost effective but was sent a Blueprint rear disc instead, which has the black coating on it, anyone have any experience with Blueprint? seem to cost a fortune on Amazon tempted to hold on and sell on to one of you lucky lot if anyone wants it?
  4. Hi guys, This is more of a gauging interest post before posting to for sale. Would anyone be interested in a 2013 suspension set up? really thought my modding past was behind me but after fitting the 2013 suspension and riding with it for a while i still crave adjustability. From being used to running Tein comfort sport coilovers in my Accord, I now want a similar set up for the Lex. The 2013 definitely rides smoother than 2008 suspension and is much less jolting, but there are those occasions when you just need that extra bit of control, so am thinking BC racing with custom spring rates. what do you guys think?
  5. Fully agree, each time I take it in I worry, are they going to do a proper job...
  6. Hey Dave, Yeah just some things if you know a thing or 2 about maintenance you really begin to understand how things can be so easily missed. Had the headlight changed under warranty just after I got it due to condensation and after nosey around to see if they'd done an ok job found out 2 clips had gone missing and the outside air temp sensor wasn't attached back ad was just hanging loose , really makes you worry sometimes...
  7. Hi all, more of caution to check things under the hood once in a while. While changing out the sidelight bulbs for LEDs on the 08, meant I had to take out the air box, that was when I realised that the rubber connecting tube from the air inlet pipe to the engine was torn, in other words it's been sucking in unfiltered air. It was really shoddily connected. This basically comes from people doing the air filter changes and not loosing the hose clips, effectively roughly handling it. Probably worth while checking yours. Ending up cutting off the bit that was totally cracked open and running the hose about 1 cm shorter, holds fine until I get a new one. Thing is the car had always been main dealer serviced, just worrying really. The car always felt a little hesitant, not driven one before so thought it was normal but just felt something was creating the hesitancy. This wasn't what I expected. It always pays to get your hands a bit dirty once in a while, shudder to think what issues this could have given down the line....
  8. Hi all many thanks for the help. I think I can get them a bit cheaper :) just needed some guidance as to whether everyone knew if there were issues. @AlanS - yep I've been away from the forums for a while, just been very busy and I was spending more time managing the back end tbh. the IS-F is a great car...but have some warnings...I'll post up in another post.
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys. Basically the only small gripe I have with the car is the jiggliness? Bouncy feeling, what feels to be under dampening. Reading it all seems that the new shocks and spring would go a way to combat this. I know that people recommend the BC racing coilovers, but I'm at the stage where I think I'd like to try and stick to OE parts if possible My previous car had Tein comfort sports and have to saythe ride was great, and no complains, but the need to maintain them is just not something I'm after anymore.
  10. Hi all, Just wanted to say hi. Just recently acquired an IS-F and know it's a small community :) came from a Honda Accord and run the forum in UK. Anyway was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Does anyone know if the 2012 suspension struts/springs would fit a 2008 car? Looking forward to contributing more!
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